No More Blogging Schedule! But...

With new ideas follow moments of adjustments and fine tuning. While I thought that a schedule for the blog would be a good thing, after a couple of weeks I realized that it is not.

The reason why the schedule didn't work is because I felt a bit of redundancy in my mind. While I thought it would be a great idea at the time, after going back to the drawing board I decided to pull the plug on the idea.

With that in mind, every series will still continue on. I am currently working on a few interviews with other bloggers, artists, and businesses. Instead of Bloggers Around The World, Catalogue of Food Blogs, Book Reviews, Nerd Essentials, and Explore The Documentary being once a week, you all will definitely see some the series' two, three, or even four times a week!

So that's the newest website update for now. If there is one thing that I have been able to take away from this attempt is building the ability to write consistently without losing quality.