How To Start Your Morning Off Calm

Waking up for many people can seem like a chore. I know from personal experience how it feels to open my eyes seeing the sun up bright, directly in my eyes, and wishing that I could get a few more hours of time won't my bed.  

Even if I didn't want to fall completely back to sleep, I still wanted to cuddle with my bed before having to start my day of work. However, things are a bit different now and days! Waking up from my naps now are glorious and obviously different.

Here are a few ways that I have adjusted my ways to waking up on the right side of the bed in the morning. 

1) Change your alarm! 

Yeah I know you probably have the most obnoxious alarm on your phone set to wake you up... but that doesn't help start your day off right. On my iPad and iPhone, I have the sound "Waves" set for my alarm. If you have a non-Apple product... I don't know what you all have (haha)! I know this may be easier said than done, but adjusting yourself to a pleasing sound will start your day off pleasantly well.

(Brush your teeth! You already knew this part though.) 

2) Figure out a perfect breakfast and eat it! 

Being busy or almost late to work if you don't leave in 5 minutes is not a good example of calm. While I did break that mantra myself (the being busy not late) I realized on my days off back then, how much not eating breakfast made me mad. Just the thought of not eating breakfast... sorry I just started having a flashback there. I learned to adjust with breakfast food by cooking sausage and bacon breakfast burritos. Just like pizza, I cannot get enough of them! A quick flash in the oven for a few minutes and I was (and still am) a satisfied busy person in the morning now.

3) Pre-plan your day ahead of time. 

If you know that your daily routine changes slightly or not at all, then this is just as important as the other two. There is no need to rush yourself so early in the morning when you can simply pre-plan your day, reduce any stress possible, and adjust from there.

Now that you are preparing to start your morning... relax and have a great day!