#WeekendCoffeeShare: Reasons Why Social Media "Likes" Don't Matter To Me

No one gets paid from them... NO ONE!  

On a daily basis I casually spend time on social media such as the standard Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Within these time periods that I keep as short as possible, it is inevitable to not see someone doing something completely ridiculous for the purpose of "likes," re-tweets, and double-taps that result in a red heart.

The most basic quotes/lessons that grown adults at the ages of 25+ should already comprehend get more "likes" and attention than someone showcasing their art/band/music for the first (or even tenth) time in a public venue. I question how society has become so low that these irrelevant numbers can make or break someone's day emotionally and psychologically.

 (Remember that intro up there... of course I will point out the obvious after you read the first two paragraphs!)

I don't know if there is a magical number to what's considered a successful number of likes/shares/retweets, so let's go with 1,000. Content Creators (aka your favorite YouTubers) do not get paid by the amount of thumbs up or down they receive on a video and/or external social media profiles. They get paid by views (and some even sponsorships)! This is where I think the entire endemic started. Video views and "likes" are two completely different things, yet people treat them as if they are identical twins.

I have watched people (and old friends) reach only 50 likes on a post and completely turn snotty Hollywood. Those who were once shy and humble are now divas who thinks their every demand should be met (that is until their 15 minutes of fame runs out and no one recognizes they are even relevant anymore).

At the end of the day, I love conversations. I love being able to exchange thoughts with another person (even if we don't disagree) because it shows that we are actually paying attention to each other respectfully. Social media attention of likes and retweets can be done in a split second and completely erased from the mind in 60 seconds. Maybe this is me showing my age and realizing that what I grew up with is still amazing. Communication is better than numbers and emoji smiley faces... at least to me anyways.