The Reason Why Modern Day Sexism Hurts Society And Gender Equality Will Never Happen

On average, neither side cares about the other sides problems... just the double standards that they want to benefit them! 

Men and Wome both play the game of societal double standards to their own benefit. Neither side wants to truly give up the double standard that benefits them because then they lose out on "excuses" that they have. 
How many men who complain about women being "sexually adventurous" saying that it is wrong for men to do the same exact thing? How many women whom are mothers that put their baby daddies/father of their children on child support also acknowledging that they court system when it comes to men having parental rights is extremely biased downright horrific to men? 
Me personally, it is quite obvious neither sex/gender wants to compromise, which is why there will always be a divide. I wish that equality some day actually existed, but it is quite obvious that we as a society are far away from it. I have had many conversations about double standards with both men and women respectively (and sometimes just basic arguments). When the same exact logic they use as an excuse does not fit their narrative/agenda, for some reason now it is wrong. 

When it comes to sexism and gender equality, don't even waste your time holding your breathe wishing for it to happen. Until both sides are willing to lose or accept simple logic, the fight for equality will be nothing more except a political topic politics can use during campaigns. Every day citizens will keep how it is right for them as men/women and wrong for men/women.