Bloggers Around The World: Kara Larkin

There are times that I wish I could be big and buff like a lot of other guys, but I'm okay with being the tone skinny guy now (haha)! In all seriousness though, fitness is a pretty important activity and lifestyle that I think everyone should take heed to.

For the past few months I have been intrigued with all of the new blogs I have added to my blog list so far. Many of them are coming from this BATW series, which I can't thank the bloggers enough for being a part of. When I began reading this blog, I instantly knew that this would be informative, funny, and a must have on my list.

Now and days when people even mutter in their minds "fitness" they typically think mundane routines and bland/boring food. Some people become discouraged being compared to others and criticized to the point where it becomes "body shaming."

However, that does not have to stop you at all from being what you personally consider healthy and fit! It is with great pleasure to present you all to Kara Larkin of Fit Chick Nextdoor! 


Hi Kara! Hopefully I did a great introduction for you... welcome to the BATW series and thanks for being a part of it!

Thank you for having me! I am excited to be here and share my world with your readers :)


How long have you been a blogger and how did you get into blogging? 

I have been blogging since July 2013 (holy smokes!) but it all started as a hobby. I had just finished my first fitness competition and thought it would be so amazing to help others with their fitness journeys by sharing my recipes and workouts. Although I still support my readers journeys on my fitness website ( - shameless plug), my blog, Fit Chick Nextdoor, is now mostly about lifestyle, beauty, fashion and career help. I also decided last year that I wanted my blog to be more than just a hobby. I wanted it to be my own business and brand so I am working on making it really spectacular for my readers.

Do you find it to be fairly easy writing about multiple topics/genres on a consistent basis? 

Honestly, it can be a pain sometimes haha. When I find myself going off on one particular topic too often I try and switch up my editorial calendar to make sure my posts cover all my readers wants and needs. Sometimes there are times when I just don't want to write about a particular topic (that day) so I won't. My readers know me and they would be able to sense if I wasn't fully into something I posted. Instead of posting something blah I'll just push it to a different date or go back to that post at a later point in time and rework it as something I am more interested in/that my readers would really benefit from.


I see that you have recipes on your blog and I am pretty happy to see Breakfast Tacos! (I love Breakfast Tacos, so I am definitely trying out that recipe.) Where did the inspiration for that recipe come from? 

All of my recipes are healthier versions of my favorite foods. Since I am usually on my own, I try to make the recipes easy to make and for one or two people (unless they are part of my meal prep plan for the week). Most of my readers are in their 20s so I also want them to be able to make healthy choices at college or make something quick on the go. I know healthy foods can be boring sometimes so I am always trying to spice things up!

Your fitness posts are amazing and quite insightful. Are there any essential products/workouts that you could recommend on a general basis? 

I'm currently obsessed with HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. I feel like most of my clients can benefit from them but it really depends on what my clients goals are. HIIT workouts are designed to help boost your metabolism and burn fat in a short amount of time. If I could recommend any products, I would recommend RTN Bionic Edge Whey Protein Powder. Let me just say that I am not currently a sponsor of any kind. I just truly love their chocolate protein powder and it doesn't have a ton of unnecessary ingredients. As for workouts, I would recommend incorporating strength training into your workout plan. A common myth is that it strength training makes women bulky and honestly it is really hard work to put on muscle. If my client is looking for a slender, fit physique then I always make sure they have a good strength training program in place. 


What are your 5 favorite beauty products to use (whether current or all-time favorites)? 

Oh lawdddd! Are you ready for a 25 minute speech? Just kidding - Okay, if I had to choose...All time favorites include: Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion exfoliant, Clinique Even Better Foundation, any Tarte or Too Faced shadow palette, and Ardell's 120 Demi or Wispie lashes.

How has life treated you so far as a blogger? 

Life is good. Like every blogger in the world (or at least my blogging friends) I hope that one day I can quit my full time job and blog full time. I am working on it but until then I get to work extra hard! ;) 


What are events that you have attended in the past for blogging purposes? 

I have attended a couple of local events with some companies I collaborate with. I'm actually hoping to start attending some larger events soon but since I work full time (with crazy hours) it can be hard to get away. I will be attending a private event at a local salon on April 30th, Salon Kroma, for their 1 year anniversary. I worked with them recently on a professional hair tips post and am looking forward to some new fun collaborations.

Have you met any bloggers who are mentors/idols? If so, were those experiences everything you expected? 

I actually was supposed to meet one of my idols, Lauren Conrad, at a recent book signing event but my work schedule changed and I could not make it. I was really sad. I have a lot of mentors who I have met and love dearly but I would really love to meet a couple of authors like Aliza Licht and Lois P Frankel.

What are your social media accounts that everyone can follow you on? 

Yay! I am currently on Instagram (@fitchick_nextdoor), Twitter (@fc_nextdoor), Facebook (@fitchicknextdoor), Pinterest (@fcnextdoor), and Bloglovin (

If you could leave people with one lasting impression/piece of advice (before they go to read your blog of course) what would it be? 

If you read my blog I hope you will feel the endless love I have for my readers. I love sharing my favorite finds with them and I love helping others learn from my mistakes so they don't have to make them! The best piece of advice I was ever given was "treat others how you would want to be treated". It is my daily mantra. My other piece of advice that I live by is "If you don't ask for what you want, you will never get it."