What If Money Didn't Exist?

I always wondered what would society be like if money had no value at all and never existed. How did we as the human race allow for man made currencies to basically become inanimate rulers of the world is beyond me. As the old mantra says "nothing in life is free" what if everything never came with a price tag? 

I questioned myself on four main factors that would be taken into consideration as to why money exists (or what if it didn't).


I have been asked a few time through my life by teachers/professors and random strangers alike "would you do your jobs for free if you had to?" My answer is yes! All of my passions (I really don't care to call them jobs, but for the sake of "keeping it real" I didn't edit that part) started off as hobbies when I was a kid. Of course in those younger years I was not getting paid for any of them. If we could live in a society that all we had to do to receive essential necessities such as food, clothes, a home, etc., well as a Chef I would be one lucky person!


This ties into jobs as well (more of the negative side), yet it could also stand on its own as well. In today's society we all know that unemployment rates have become a big political point to make every year or so. With so many individuals without a job, if money was not a factor and they could receive the same benefits as those who did contribute would they still work? Oddly enough I have asked complete strangers this question and more than I expected said no they would not contribute to society at all. Without giving out names, here are a few direct answers word for word. 

"Why would I work if I am getting the essentials I desire? Let somebody else do the work, I like being lazy." 

"If I didn't have to work that would be great. I could just sit at home all day and watch TV." 

"Uhhh no!" 

After understanding that many people truly think like those who answered in the latter quotes, I'm happy that we have a monetary system. 


As a kid I quickly learned the value of a paycheck at 15 years old. I remember getting my first paycheck and wanting to go spend it on crazy things like a lot of fried chicken, video games, and Pokèmon cards. Although I did do that on a smaller scale, I learned quickly that the small paychecks that I was getting didn't stretch as far as I thought they would. With that in mind, I learned the value of not only my paychecks, but my work (which I became great at what I do and the paychecks became bigger). Not to say that I wouldn't have practiced to become great at my jobs if money was not involved, but it was definitely a key motivator to say the least.

Traveling away from home 

Once I realized that a "one size fits all" solution to how things/contributions would never work if money didn't exist traveling outside of your hometown or even country... I got out of my bed and began to work without any complaints!

What do you think about money? If it didn't exist, how do you think society would function? Is it a good or bad thing that currency basically rules the world?