Preface to Ambition & Rebellion

Without giving too much of a long winded intro, the title of this blog post should suffice for itself. 

"To those who don't know who the heck I am, my name is Kenon Lamont Thompson... Chef, Journalist, Photographer, Entrepreneur, Coffee Aficionado, Pokèmon Master, and Nerd/Geek. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas that I have a love/immense hate for and I currently reside in Denver, Colorado, my true home. (You will understand that part the further you read in the chapters.)

This entire autobiography is simply my way of getting all of the thoughts and feelings of my 25 years on this Earth so far off of my mind and life. Once I became fully aware/conscious of what life as a human being should be like, I comprehended more than some would have expected.

I didn't grow in the best/silver spoon situations, but I would be wrong to say that I didn't grow up in a good scenario.

This entire autobiography is everything I have experienced in my life to date. From being a kid who needed glasses and made fun of by everyone, to the man I have become today,

Nothing was easy and to think that anything would get easier would be a fallacy. For my entire life I have been through the greatest ups and the worse falls that anyone could think of.

I chose this life after my adolescent years and I knew 90% of what would come from it. There are experiences that I will never forget and there are some that I wish never existed. Nothing is easy in our society anymore and to be quite honest I wouldn't want it any other way.

Everything that I have been through is a compilation of what has made me the human being that I am today. Yes I have lost close friends that I thought would be here forever. Yes I have a best/close friend whom knows everything about me to the point that she knows how I like my coffee brewed. everyone else may be lost in the dark until I feel like releasing such information (even though I am spilling most of my life so far here). 

I look at every friendship/relationship as a marriage stipulation "until death do us part." I believed as a kid that every relationship (friendly, professionally, or romantically) would be all unicorns and rainbows. However, as an adult now, I know that this is not how life works.

As a "black sheep" (literally and metaphorically) in my own family and my surroundings if I ever become a public figure or "celebrity" I know that this will put me at peace in my own mind. I am a nerd/geek overall, so by nature all I really want is for everyone to be happy and enjoy the one life we have now. If I am misunderstood... to each their own.

I welcome you to Ambition & Rebellion (Part I)" my life since a kid, the present, and what I expect when I experience/share part II. Enjoy!"