My Daily Work Routine

Every day I wake up with a smile on my face for a variety of reasons. I always think about the times when I worked for others and I dreaded hearing my alarms go off (because as a deep sleeper I tend to not hear just one). There was really no routine that I was happy with (even though I was happy being able to cook every single day for a living).
Now I have a pretty sarcastic routine that I go by on a daily basis and here it goes. 

The moment I wake up

When I wake up, I typically go to sleep with my phone and iPad right next to me. So the first thing that I check is my metrics on my blogs. I look to see everything from the most popular content to views (seeing where they are compared to last week) and  more minute logistics. After that I check my e-mails to make sure I haven't missed anything portent and respond to urgent e-mails immediately. One thing about working with people from all around the world is that time zones wait for no one. 

Check social media outlets 

Although I have went on my little rants about Facebook, just for the record, I always check Twitter first! I look to catch up on news that I may have missed while taking a nap in addition to what my favorite people are up to (celebrities, public figures, and friends).  

Work on my blogs

This next two change depending upon the day/work load that I have going on. On a regular day, I will work on writing articles and blog posts for my website's first. If it is not a personal post such as this one, whatever I find during my social media checks are what I tend to write about.
Client work 

The other half of where my bread and butter comes from is working on client work. I am pretty happy to work with whom I do on a daily basis. I never feel like I am really working even though I am sitting in front of my desktop computer 12+ hours a day. While I am working I have a window browser just for YouTube or Hulu. I can't tell you how much new videos, shows, and movies. 
What is your daily work routine (whether you work for yourself or not)?