#WeekendCoffeeShare: What Blogging Has Taught Me So Far

As I am in the process of archiving some of my older blog posts in 2013 from my first official blog site (2nd attempt at a blog after trying out Blogger) I looked back on those posts and see how far I have come so far. The experiences that I have been able to endure and enjoy were amazing (or bad) in their respective rights. I was also able to read my own work from how I thought and my mentality back then a few years ago and up to now.  

Over the years through blogging, I have been able to learn more about myself by writing and reading than I have from verbal lessons/communication. I know that might sound weird, but I am going to elaborate on exactly what I mean for you all. (Of course you knew an elaboration was coming... right?)

Overall Mentality
I am an avid enthusiast of self-reflection and learning from my own experiences. Every day and night I do my best to look upon the things, actions, and choices that I made minutes, hours, days, weeks, and even years in the past. I am thankful for the fact that I learn about myself on my own accord as no one else knows me better than me. Many individuals take the opinions of others about themselves and end up in a rut. Instead of being exactly who they want to be and how they want to think, they begin to be what others want to be. I love the opinions and perspectives of my peers without question. Their constructive criticism are also lessons that I have learned from to apply in my own life accordingly. 

Focusing on what is important
I understand that in the moment things that are not important at all may seem like the highest priority on any to-do list. I remember being an individual that loved watching TV reality shows the day/night that the episode premiered. It was something about not watching a re-run just so I can be in the loop when discussing the new episode with my peers.

Now (thankfully) I could care less about any TV show at this point. I do not own cable anymore and I have no desire to do so. As I have made this transition from working for someone else, come home tired and giving more attention to things (such as what is everyone doing on social media), I realized how much time I was actually wasting. All the time that I used to spend on things that have no importance or even value to my life is tremendous. Instead of making long Facebook statuses that should have been on my blog, I now focus solely on my blogs.

This is my platform, if people want to see what is going on with my life, then they can do so here. Typically the people who care have no problem reading more than 140 characters. To those who want to be nosey... they will either not read at all or pick and choose what I say in the entire blog post (good or bad). 

Improving on my weaknesses and strengths
This is pretty self-explanatory and goes hand in hand with my overall mentality. Personally, I see things in my life that I was pretty bad at, and other things that I am an expert in. To be more specific, my writing and blogging has improved dramatically over the years. I now have a style of my own that anyone who knows me can read (and view when the posts include original photos) with a blind eye and know that is mine. Every day is a chance to improve on my weaknesses and my strengths. I may never get to the point that all of my weaknesses will become strengths, but I will not stop at trying my best to do so. 

As a blogger (whether you are brand new or have 1000s of blog posts under your belt) what has blogging taught you so far? As a reader (if you do not have a blog of your own) have you been able to notice the difference(es) between your favorite bloggers throughout the year(s)? Are the improvements (good or bad) noticeable quickly or have the transitions significant over time?