Stop Complaining About What TV Shows Are Depicting of Your Race/Stereotypes

We all have seen friends, peers, and strangers complaining about how the media and TV shows are depicting specific races to be. Stop trying to deflect the truth at media and start pointing the blame at those you should be questioning. The actors and actresses taking those roles.

No one is pointing a gun at your favorite actors and actresses forcing them to take roles that depict a specific race negatively. If that is the case, then they should be calling the cops on the TV producers/channels ASAP!

Yes, it is beyond tiring to see how blacks, whites, muslims, teen mothers/fathers, and other races/stereotypes are being portrayed on TV now and days. I don't even have to watch every season of Scandal, Empire, and (insert every reality TV show that exists right now) to see how bad TV shows have become. I can simply go down my Twitter timeline and Facebook news feed to see 1 out of every 3 posts complaining to some degree about the one thing they think is wrong.

Society has become so misconstrued with being coddled. Every show that misconstrues a race/stereotype negatively (and falsely) is okay to watch... until it hits home.

Of course every professional in media have a job to do to pay the bills, that's understandable. However, to what low degree are they going to take these roles and not take any blame for perpetuating what they know is wrong?

It is about time society wakes up and start questioning why are people taking these TV roles instead of trying to find/create some type of controversy for their own personal gossip gain.