Bloggers Around The World: Helena Feofanov

On yet ANOTHER installment of Bloggers Around The World I am delighted to bring you all a new blogger that is very unique on this series! I am not even going to give y'all the normal long winded introduction this time. At the end make sure y'all definitely follow Helena on her blog and every social media website! 

Now lets get straight to the interview with the one and only... Helena Feofanov!


Hi Helena, could you formally introduce yourself to everyone?

My name is Helena Feofanov, I come from Estonia and currently am based in England, that is because I have decided to study my degree in Make-Up for Media and Performance in the amazing Arts University Bournemouth. I’m an artist, although I don’t even know where exactly to categorise myself - I love all of it, at the moment my whole life is about Make-Up and Special FX. Besides that if I ever have time I also like to paint, design, write, sculpt and I’d definitely love to learn photography one day.

Just yesterday I finished my short course in 2D Creature Design, which was absolutely amazing. Other than that I’m just an ordinary girl I guess, I like to think I have a great ability to make people smile!

How long have you been a blogger and how did you get into blogging?

I have been blogging for 3 months now, I have always wanted to write, I think that through writing I give out much more than in real life. I kind of get into it and reveal much more than I would normally, it’s lovely to share my thoughts and ideas and to be honest I stalled starting a blog for a year before I actually did it. I was just never confident enough, and I wasn’t sure if I had something to say that would actually interest people and make them want to listen.

Also I kept reading about how a blog needs to be about this same subject, one category, and like with everything - I just thought that that’s not me, I wanted to write about everything and anything, which I do as well. The trigger for me was when my dad told me that I need to start doing something, he never really understood the subject I studied in University and I guess I just wanted to prove that I am actually doing so much every day and it’s pretty awesome as well.

Right after I started off with my first post about this painting I did, I got so much great feedback and the page views kept going up so I almost felt like I can’t keep up. That motivates me every day to write more and do more, I keep learning every day and it’s an incredible thing to do!


Do you have a favorite blogger(s) that you gain inspiration from on a daily basis?

I absolutely love blogs like Nowness, Beauty Banter, Hello Fashion. But to be honest I don’t read very many other blogs although I should, when it comes to other things I absolutely love to come home and read my history magazines or watch Vice documentaries, that’s what inspires me the most, or people around me, there is so many fascinating people around us and every day I listen to new stories and experiences, or just things around us, nature and light, just all the small things. That inspires me the most, it makes me happy and happy Helena wants to take out her laptop and write a new blog post!

What artists do you look up to and why?

My favorite make-up artists are Alex Box and Ryan Burke, my absolute dream is to work with them in the future. When it comes to all kinds of artists,  there is just so many, I look up to Egon Schiele, he was one of the most outrageous and scandalous artists, his work is just such a strong statement and was so different from everything else at that time. That’s what art is all about, making a statement and showing yourself to the world, just as you are, without any filters. I think Tim Walkers’ photography is magical and so beautiful, I wish I could do a photoshoot with him, it would be a dream come true. I also admire Harding Meyers’ work, his portraits are absolutely breathtaking, I love painting faces, I think that a human face, an expression says more than anything in this world.

One thing that I love about art is being able to have the freedom of letting your creativity flow without boundaries. Can you tell everyone about your art history?

I started going to a local art school when I was in 5th grade, I just suddenly became so interested in it, I kept doodling on my papers and homework, my mum though I have a real talent so I started going to the evening art school, which I continued going to for a couple of years, then puberty came and I had all the other interests in the world, I did a lot of dancing, ballet, volleyball, played guitar, even went to ping-pong lessons and after all of that I decided to go back to the art school because that was just right for me, I finished from there at the same time I finished from high school, then I moved to England to do a Foundation degree in Art&Design, which then lead me to the Make-Up course at the same University. On my free time I always tried out different ways to create things-it’s what I’ve always loved the most.

What is the most detailed Special-FX design you have created so far?

I think that the most detailed Special FX designs are still to come because we keep learning every day and I think that at the end of my last year, I will be able to give a brilliant answer to this, but for now I think the most detailed thing for me was when I created human-animal hybrids, they were inspired by mythological creatures, these were my favorite characters so far, I made silicone noses, eyebrows, wings, lots of airbrushing and experimentation. For the same project I created a replica of a human heart which was awesome and a bit freaky.


Are there any places in the world that you have never visited and have on your travel list?

Oh I would love to travel the whole world. I have always wanted to go to Bali, it just seems so calm, beautiful and like a true paradise. It’s the first destination on my list now. There are so many places in Europe I haven’t visited like Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Albania etc. and each one of them is so different and equally amazing. Japan is another one I have always wanted to see, it just looks like a whole another world. South Africa is on the very top of my list as well, there are just so many incredible places..

What do you expect for readers to take away from reading your blog?

I hope that they are always positively surprised, taking away something they didn’t know before - a good story or a book or an artist. I want to share my ideas and experiences, and all I wish is for them to love reading it. I hope I can make people smile and maybe inspire someone. To inspire is the most incredible thing a person can do.


Have you met any bloggers who are mentors/idols?

Since blogging is so new to me, I haven’t met any other bloggers yet but it’s on top of my list and I very much hope that I can network more and to make contacts, to share and communicate with other bloggers too, it’s this complete new amazing environment to be in for me.

What are your social media accounts that everyone can follow you on?

I am on Instagram and Twitter as helenafeofanov, my Facebook page is called Helena Feofanov MUA and on Pinterest you can find me under Helena Feofanov. 

If you could leave people with one lasting impression/piece of advice (before they go to read your blog of course) what would it be?

Be passionate, smile, create, dream, never judge and I can promise all the good things will come to you!