#WeekendCoffeeShare: Resurrecting Two Photo Series' Soon!

I am super excited finally get this out of my mind for you all so much to the point that I have drunk an entire pot of coffee in about 30 minutes! 

Within the past two years I started working on two photo seres' "Welcome To My Nightmare" and "The Story of Mr. Wall Street." I never had the time to fully complete them or spend days just scouting/different locations as much as I wanted to. Of course we all know that is no longer an issue for me and this is so amazing to announce!

I am resurrecting both series' pretty soon! For the past 10 months I have been able to work on them, create new stories, spend hours in different locations, edit, scrap, edit, edit, stare at photoshop for hours, start completely over, write stores, scrape them, look for that one part in my mind... pardon my language, but I am pretty fucking happy right now!

When it comes to keeping anyone else's secrets (or exclusive information) my lips are completely sealed. However, it was a pretty big thing for me to overcome that I was essentially leaking my own fine-art/conceptual work before I actually should have. I think it has been over a year now that I have released a new self-portrait for the public to see, so to say "hey, don't think that I have stopped, I just didn't tell you anything for almost a year" is pretty awesome!

On top of completing all of the photos for Ambition & Rebellion and not sharing one single photo with anyone is something I have dreamed of. Once it is out, then everyone can criticize it, but throughout the entire process these are essentially personal stories that no one (except one close friend) would have even understood without thinking something should be dramatically altered. 

I can tell you now for a fact that the first new photo that I will release for "Welcome To My Nightmare" will be "I Don't Want To Be Human" which stems inspiration from one of my favorite YouTubers/singers Tessa Violet songs's that you can listen to here! (Tessa's official YouTube page is here!)