#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Last Hoorah and The Next Chapter of My Life

This week I watched Kobe Bryant (my favorite NBA player of all time) play his last game ever. It was so surreal to see the man that I looked up to from a far since a kid end his legacy with. 60 point game. He dedicated his life to the game of basketball and even though I never had aspirations to be a professional basketball player like him, I always strived to have the same passion with my own professions the way he did with basketball.

As the time is getting closer to me moving back to Colorado, I have flashbacks of the first time I moved there for college at 17 years old. I don't know exactly what it is, but moving to Colorado the first and second time now, I have more butterflies in my stomach than I did when I moved to Chicago. Colorado is my home.

It's where I transitioned from a boy to a man. It's the hometown where I purchased my first apartment on my own. It's the hometown where my passion for being a chef grew at an astronomical rate. Most importantly, it's the hometown where I discovered who I was as a person.

To me this is more than just another location move in regards to states (as it will be my last). I'm basically going back to the last part in a video game that I saved on my memory card and starting again after 4 years. Although things will not exactly be the same, I understand that time has progressed. College friends have moved out of the state, some are now married and have started families, and others are on the pursuit of happiness however they see fit.

I will be going into more details from this day forward in regards to the move to Colorado. I have plans to do a live Periscope or Facebook Live videos from the moments I am on the road to when I actually make it in Colorado and more.

No matter how much I think I am prepared for this move, it won't fully hit me until I am on the highway that I am finally moving back home. I'm moving back to where my heart and mind says I belong.