Bloggers Around The World: Greete Rätsep

By now I think you all know that I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to Facebook. Well this is one of the examples of why I love it! When I take a break from work every day, I sit back and look for new blogs to read. 

Thankfully I am a member of a Facebook group that has become an amazing resource for me to meet new bloggers, which has become my favorites this year. (No I'm not going to tell you the name of... Bloggers Supporting Bloggers created by Allie of!)

I am pretty excited that Greete Rätsep of Blog by Greete has allowed for me to interview her for this series! When I read Greete's blog posts I have laughed out loud (literally and in a good way) and been in awe of her photos. I am also honored that Greete shared some exclusive news about an upcoming project with us first... that's definitely a big deal! 

Without further or due (because this introduction can go on forever) here is the interview between Greete and myself. Enjoy!

Hey Greete I want you to formally introduce yourself to everyone, however, I must ask this one important question… how do we pronounce your name so we do not feel bad while reading the interview? :p

Hey! It's kind of hard to pronounce my name since it's pretty common name in Estonia but it's hard for others to understand (and to pronounce, duh!). So for everyone's sake you can just read (or think) my name  as Greta, many people usually do so I am used to it. :D

How long have you been a blogger and how did you get into blogging?

I have had my blog just one month and 12 days so it's still pretty new (i started it on 2nd day of March). How I got into blogging? That has kind of a backstory :D So a couple years ago I had a blog as well (it's now deleted though) and I was really into it because I wanted to share my interests but I got dragged into this what I call 'black hole' since I was still pretty young then and didn't create the content what I was exited about anymore (I was at first). I just did what everyone else did and hoped to be noticed. But then one day I realized that this wasn't good enough for me and I didn't enjoy blogging anymore and so I closed it for good.

And then in the beginning of March I created a new blog aka Blog by Greete and I felt more ready and I learned to be me over the time and create the content I am exited about and happy to share. So here I am now and I can honestly say that this time I have grown up a little and I am just going to do what I like and what I am passionate about, not what's popular.


Do you have a favorite blogger(s) that you gain inspiration from on a daily basis?

My absolute favorite bloggers are Kayleigh (her blog: and Aspyn, who is also a Youtuber (her blog: They are both so amazing and a huge inspirations for me. Definitely go and check out them as well ;)

Estonia has been on my travel list since the beginning of my life (haha) so for those of us (probably just me) who have watched YouTube videos, could you give us a written (or visual if you have pictures) of what Estonia is like?

I am actually surprised you know about Estonia since so many people don't know that this country even exists or just think that's a part of Russia (it's not, though, but Russia is just our neighbor).

Estonia has a lot of forests and trees in general, even in the city. We have a lot of small villages and cities, the smallest city has just 825 people. The general population is about 1.3 million people so I kind of understand why many people don't know about Estonia. Also if you are a person who loves warm weathers then your best chance to come here is in the summer since rest of the year is pretty cold and nr. 1 essentials is long clothes, sometimes even in summer. It's pretty ironic that I live in the country where constantly is cold, but I adore warm weathers and the sunshine. 


As a dancer & artist, are there specific genres that are fitting to your style in each area?

As a dancer I usually do modern, street or show dance. But my favorite genre of the three is modern dance and undercover I can say that I have a little project of mine coming up in the end of May or somewhere in June, I am not sure when I will completely finish it. This is actually the first time I have said it anywhere so only you guys know ;)

As an artist I don't have a specific genre, I just draw what I like and what I have to do in my local art school where I am taking some classes.

What type of role do you see blogging playing in your life now and in the near future?

For now I see my blog a place where I can be me and I don't have to pretend anything. It's a place for me to share my thoughts and passions with other and I hope that I can even help some people. It will be probably the same in the near future since I am doing it for my own fun and it's my hobby but we'll see what happens.

Are there any places in the world that you have never visited and have on your travel list?

Oh there are so many. I absolutely love traveling and discovering new places but I haven't gone to a lot of places since I am still under the age of 18 (I am 15 if any of you didn't know that) and I prefer to travel alone because then I don't depend on anyone else and I can go where ever I want and think my plan out on the spot (I am not much of a planner :D). One day I hope to travel the world if possible.

But for now my top 10 places are Paris, Brazil, Greece, New York, Prague, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, England (I have been in England once but only in London andWembley, I would love to see more of England).


What do you expect for readers to take away from reading your blog?

Happiness, inspiration and some new thoughts. Also since I do promote self-love then that too, because I want everyone to love themselves the way they are and also to accept others. I want everyone to realize that every single one of us is different so we can't expect that we all think and act a like.


Do you have any blogging plans/events planned for the year that you can share with us?

As I revealed before, I have a little project planned in the near future. I would also love to do a vlog of my whole summer, like I would film something every day or once a week and at the end of a summer put together a video but not sure yet if this is happening because as right now I own 0 skills what includes making a video. Hopefully someone would be able to teach me or otherwise it is a lost cause haha :D


What are your social media accounts that everyone can follow you on?

In Instagram and Twitter my username is @blogbygreete and in Facebook Blog by Greete. I post in my twitter pretty often and Instagram as well but a little bit less since I like to put some extra effort into my Instagram. ;)

If you could leave people with one lasting impression/piece of advice (before they go to read your blog of course) what would it be?

Always be the best version of yourself, forget the haters and never let your adventurous side of yourself go, it's a lot more fun and you may never know what to expect from life and that's what makes life so awesome and exiting. :)