Nothing On Social Media Is Private

I grew up in the 90s/very early 2000s where AOL/AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and MySpace was our social media, then you already know this is a fact! For those who are too young to even know what any of those platforms are (which also shows that I'm really getting old) one day you will get to this point of understanding (hopefully).

No matter what kind of privacy settings you use on Facebook or Instagram to "hide" your personal content or try to look exclusive by saying you have to approve of someone's request to simply follow you (more specific to Instagram and Twitter). 

In my high school years when Facebook first hit the general population, I still didn't post things up that would be considered too personal. If it ended up in the wrong hands, my first thoughts should never be about my entire reputation becoming ruined. (Don't even try to look for anything on me... I've erased all of it years ago haha!)

Even the little subliminal messages that I was hiding in slam poetry pieces (which I was pretty slick in keeping discreet) are all erased from Facebook, but kept in a heavily guarded external hard drive.

Once I began to notice how many cyber attacks was going on across the world, I immediately stopped posting anything I deemed personal on the Internet. Not only did I stop doing so because of the security breaches that occurred... I simply matured with age and understanding.

Every day I look at my Facebook there is someone talking about their personal relationship situations that I'm sure their significant other doesn't want to be out in the public. Those are typically the same people that make posts about people being all on their business. No one can be in your personal business unless you tell them (or you are a major public figure/celebrity... they get an obvious pass). 

As I slowly continue to ween myself off of using Facebook for anything other than business and checking up on how friends from around the world are doing, I ask myself will people ever learn. Nothing on the Internet is private!

In addition to that, if someone gets a ahold of whatever you post (photos, videos, etc) before you delete it, now it will live on for the rest of eternity!

(Or if some crazy Internet apocalypse happens and everything is completely wiped from every hard drive/computer in existence. But that is definitely asking for a miracle, so just be mindful of what you post... for your own sake.)