Using Royalty Free/Public Domain Photos

Here comes the moment of truth that I have been losing maybe 30 minutes to 2 hours of sleep over for a couple of weeks. 

As many of you may know (and if you don't... surprise!) I am very close to making my next (and last) location move back home to Colorado, which I have been working so hard towards for the past year. It has been pretty fun learning the ins and outs of working independently.

However, because I have been working on some exclusive projects, I haven't been able to release much new photography (let alone stock photos). So with that in mind after sleeping on it for a few weeks and talking to some other blogger friends, I have decided to start using Royalty Free/Public Domain Photos for my blog now. 

Now this does not mean that I am never going to take/use my own photos at all. I just can't keep holding back on blog posts because I run out of my own stock photos that I can currently use. I have researched a few official and reputable websites for these Royalty Free/Public Domain Photos and found one in particular that I really love.

I guess being a photographer this has been an inner conscious dilemma for me. Being too prideful of using someone else's photos for my blogs as a blogger, yet finally coming to terms that it will not be for every single blog post... just when needed.  

So, there goes my little update as I write this from my phone late at night while watching Rachel (aka misskaddykins) on Twitch right now. Now that this is off my chest, I will not feel anxious to post new blog posts anymore if I start to worry about not finding a relative photo to attach with it (being my own or someone else's).

This is also why I love being a photographer and blogger as well! I know that photographers don't have to sign over the rights to their photos when they can charge for licensing, but they do anyways and for that I am forever grateful to the photographers whose photos I use when I do not have my own.