#WeekendCoffeeShare: Death Wish Coffee... I Need You!

Yes, you are reading the title exactly how you read it the first time. I have not even had a single taste of this delicacy myself. However, from all of the videos and positive reviews that they have received so far... I will trust my fellow coffee addict peers judgement. 

Death Wish Coffee is known as the world's strongest coffee in the world (yes, the entire world)! How badass does that sound? Just saying it (Death Wish Coffee) sounds like coffee that only rebels should drink. 

 Photo source: Death Wish Coffee (Twitter)

Photo source: Death Wish Coffee (Twitter)

From what I have been able to read and hear, the flavor profile is a mix of chocolate and cherry. (Your mouth has to be watering at this point.) The premium coffee beans are 100% natural. This may sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to you if you don't understand coffee logistics, so bear with me hear as I talk to the other coffee addicts.

(Coffee addicts this is for you.) You rebels are getting ready to love this little bit of information. For every 6-ounce cup serving you drink, there is approximately 59 milligrams per fluid ounce. That is what we call strong coffee! Now if you are Looking to boost your productivity and focus up to the next level, this is what you need in your pantry ASAP! (Alright now that we are clear, lets break from this huddles yes. 1, 2, 3 COFFEE REBELS!)

Hey everyone don't mind us, just small chit chat. Everyone (including myself, which I will be doing very soon) can purchase this delicacy at 1 pound or 2 pound quantity. You can also purchase them as whole beans or already ground (I will purchase one of each option). What makes the team at Death Wish Coffee so amazing is that they guarantee everyone a full refund if it is not the strongest coffee you have ever consumed in your life. That is a pretty bold stance to take on a product, especially coffee. 

If you have ever wanted to buy me a gift (or you owe me a gift and I don't remember it) this is all I ask for. I will love you forever! I can only imagine how much more work I will be able to get done with that much caffeine in my body at one time. Ahhh, the anticipation will soon be over.