Beyond Two Souls (Review)

Beyond Two Souls is an action/adventure video game that is highly underrated in my opinion. It was released in October of 2013 on Playstation 3 and re-released on Playstation 4 in November 2015. While the sales of 2013’s version reached over one million copies, you would believe that it was more than just hype surrounding the popularity. Many review scores were way too low in my opinion.

The developers of Quantic Dream are responsible for this masterpiece. Beyond Two Souls is better played as a single-player game, but the option for two-player interaction exists.

I love when a video game delivers in a story that makes me think about it even when I am sleep. Call me a sucker for intricate character development and plot twists. Beyond Two Souls is my favorite game of the year.

The story starts out with a young Jodie Holmes (played by actress Ellen Page) enjoying what kids do best… having fun with little concern. However, she is not the typical young, average girl. She was born with a gift that her foster parents and health professionals are aware of, but know little about. Jodie is attached to what is called an entity. An entity is a soul that has become part of another human being by a traumatic scenario with a personal connection. In this case, Aiden is Jodie’s entity.

Over time, the story continues to progress with Jodie becoming older in age. Other keynote characters such as Nathan Dawkins (played by actor Willem Dafoe), the CIA, homeless comrades, and strangers try to figure Jodie and Aiden out. Instead of trying to help Jodie, many individuals try to take advantage of her special skills, which leads her to not trust less and less throughout the story.

Overall, anyone who thrives to enjoy a storyline from beginning to end slowly will enjoy Beyond Two Souls. There is no rush to beat the game in one sitting. There are a variety of choices (including asking and answering questions) that will ultimately change the course of the game and the storyline. Grab a bowl of your favorite candy (preferably gummy bears would be my suggestion), some pizza, hot wings, and/or whatever you consider gaming food. Sit back and enjoy the game at your own leisure. Oh and I know you gamers know this, but I must provide a disclaimer with a suggestion… make sure you have some napkins so your controller stays clean!