#WeekendCoffeeShare: Goodbye Winter... Hello Spring & Summer!

I cannot believe that I am saying this right now so give me a little time to compose myself.

*Takes a deep breath in and out.* 

For the first time in my life I am beyond ready for the winter season to be over with! As much as I truly love below freezing temperatures just so I can wear peacoats, beanies, and big coats… I am not sad at its departure.

The reason for this feeling is not that I am tired of the weather, but I am excited for what is planned in the near future. On top of moving to Denver, new traveling options are becoming available to me on a daily basis. Cities and states that I have never been to (let alone heard of) are now high on my list. Who would have known that going to the middle of (nope I’m not letting you all know yet haha) is becoming just as exciting to plan as visiting New York City?

In addition to the latter, there is definitely a brand new idea swimming around my head right now that dived in like a cannonball last night. Of course it is in the phase of being sketched within my composition book and does not have a name yet. However, I can give you the slightest of sneak peaks imaginable… it is nerd culture related!

Now that you all have a glimpse of what I’m planning on doing for this spring and summer, I want to know what you are doing. Are you happy about the weather finally warming up or would you rather enjoy a few more weeks of hot cocoa? Do you have any plans of traveling anywhere? Also, what would you all like to talk about during these #WekeendCoffeeShare posts? I am willing to take suggestions to things that y’all would want to hear (well I guess read unless you read in my voice) from my perspective.

Love and coffee beans everyone and have a great Sunday!