#WeekendCoffeeShare: New Hashtag + New Ideas

For a few months I have been playing around with the idea of creating a hashtag/slogan/something catchy and unique that I can use for my blogs, myself, and most importantly on Twitter. When I have this creative bug I tend to overthink things to the point of no return. However, after a while of realizing that it (whatever is on deck) does not need to be so hard, I end up seeing the lightbulb turn on in my mind. 

So for now on, I will coin and use #caffèwriter as my official hashtag for social media! Before I wrote this blog post I did a lot of research on Twitter and Google to make sure that no one else has used it yet. (Thankfully no one has not... so it really is mine!) Caffè is “coffee” in Italian and you all should know by now my love/infatuation of coffee. Of course #coffeewriter has already been used, abandoned, and re-used again, so hopefully with this mix I can do writers/bloggers, coffee lovers, and my favorite country in the world (still talking about Italy here) justice.  

I am adjusting pretty well to my blogging schedule now that I am home. After another week, I believe that I will be set into my routine as if I am on auto-pilot and move on to the next new ideas. (Such as the official release date for Chef & Coffee.)

Speaking of new ideas awesome segue, now that I have officially launched the new series “Bloggers Around The World (aka #BATW)” yesterday with FashionTap CEO/Founder Amy Roiland, once I settle into that routine, I would like to really start featuring a lot more bloggers. Without letting you all know who I am in contact with now, just know that I am really swinging for the fence here! Not only do I want to feature beginning bloggers, I hope that my favorite food bloggers since I was in high school will be a part of it as well.

Overall, this is going to be a pretty busy weekend for me filled with e-mails, coffee, reading blogs, and more coffee. Let me know what you all are doing this weekend. How is the weather where you are? What blog(s) are you currently in love with right now? Anything!