#WeekendCoffeeShare: Retirement Is Not On My Radar

Growing up most of the adults around me typically talked about retirement as if it was the best vacation plan ever. The thought of no longer working, staying at home all day doing nothing, and receiving money from social security sounded good… to them. At the time I never really had a clue or inclination that the purpose of retirement was anything different than what I was being raised to believe.

That is until I grew up of course and started to form my own sensible mentality.

Once I grew into my own being and passions I began to question my elders as to why they loved the idea of retirement so much. Excluding situations where you are physically unable to work anymore… who would really stop working and just be lazy? Of course I loved the life of watching Saturday cartoons with the biggest bowl of cereal plus no worries about bills when I was a kid. At that time, I believed my days of being lazy were dwindling down quickly. It was only a matter of time before I turned 16 and I was old enough to obtain a job.

Then it hit me… those who focus on retirement (for the most part) are individuals who do not love their job.

Individuals who are anxious for the day that they can finally tell their boss “here is my resignation letter and I am done working for the rest of my life” are weird to me. Reasons being… 1) The idea of retirement means that you are getting old to the point that is closer to death (which I truly fear even thinking of). 2) If you can’t do more during your retirement than you have done in your

When I worked for others, I never really thought too much on retirement at all. I loved cooking in restaurants! Although I was pretty exhausted most of the time, I wouldn’t have changed the lifestyle at all. Even if line cooks/Chefs came in tired or grumpy, after a cup of coffee with two hours of getting into rhythm we became normal.

Not only is retirement the farthest thing away from my radar, I don’t see myself ever stopping what I love to do in my life. Cooking, writing, traveling, and shooting photos sounds like a great deal to me at 25 years old, and at 80 years old. (Although I know my speed will most likely be a lot slower, it should be understandable!)