Bloggers Around The World: Amy Roiland

For the first installment of Bloggers Around The World (aka #BATW) I am honored, lucky, and excited to start off this series with this multi talented, ambitious, and creative individual. To give you all a brief synopsis of what I plan on doing here and in the future, keep on reading! 

My purpose and intentions of BATW is to showcase and highlight bloggers that I enjoy reading on a daily basis. Over the past few months specifically, I have seen a dramatic increase in bloggers supporting each other a whole lot more instead of seeing each other as competition.

The bloggers that I plan on having here will be those whom I have notifications turned on for every new blog post they release. The bloggers that I seek advice, new information, and simply great reading material from before and after my work day/night.

Amy randomly popped up on my Facebook suggested friends list in the middle of last year. Per routine, if I find the profile picture to be interesting, then I delve a little bit further onto their profile before deciding to send a friend request or not. Initially I assumed she was a photographer (which 60% of my friend list is) because of the quality her photos. Once I realized she had a website (which I read a few of her blog posts before sending a request) and an app completely centered around her passion for fashion, I was hoping not to get rejected or lost in a sea of requests.

After a while of conducting my own basic research in addition to seeing how passionate and consistent Amy works is astonishing and inspiring. In the composition book where I randomly jot down notes for this project and bloggers names, I instantly added Amy Roiland without hesitation.

With that being said, you all (especially the fashion forward enthusiasts) are in for a treat. Enjoy, support, and definitely follow Amy on every social media platform (including her blog) at the end of this post. 

Me: Can you introduce yourself and your occupation? 

 My name is Amy Roiland I am a blogger @afashionnerd and I am also the CEO and Founder of FashionTap app. 

Me: For those who have not seen nor downloaded your app FashionTap, describe to them what it is.

 FashionTap is a new fashion/beauty social networking app that allows users to monetize their instagram content and be found for work by their location and what they do in the fashion industry. 

Me: What was your motivation for creating the app? 

 I work in fashion PR and realized such a huge void in fashion social networks, there are none. Every social network out there is an everyone network not a specific FASHION social network. There is no way to locate bloggers in different areas to work with as a brand or retailer. There is also no way to locate handbag designers or indie brands. I also hated how on instagram I would love someones shoes and ask them who made them and they wouldn't respond or they would say ZARA and I would have to go searching for these items.

FashionTap allows the users to directly tag those exact shoes to their image and when someone taps to buy those shoes the user makes a commission. This platform allows everyone to win, the user because they gain a commission, the follower because they don't have to go searching for that exact item they just tap and buy, the retailer or brand because they just drove sale. 

Me: Who have you previously partnered with brand wise? 

 Miss Patina, BedStu, Kling, Polette Eyewear, ANGL, Tarina Tarantino, Free People, Jeffrey Campbell, etc. 

Me: Since 2013, you have written and produced over 800 blog posts. (Congratulations!) How does it make you feel to know that you have hit that milestone, and who takes all of your photos? 

 Thank you so much, I am so happy I was able to accomplish this goal. I can't wait to hit 1000 blog posts and I won't stop till I do. Most of my photos were taken by myself using a tri pod and a clicker. I never wanted to rely on anyone else but myself because I knew if I relied on someone else I wouldn't get the images up the same day that I shot them. I like to work fast and efficient and get stuff done. Lately I have been having my photographer friend Heather shoot most all of my blogs with her camera. She uses my card though so I can go home and edit the images right away and have them up on my blog. 

Me: What fashion event have you been invited to for FashionTap that let you know this was the right thing for you to be doing?

That would have to be the time I went to the Xpose PR event, everyone there flipped out over the app. The brands there thanked me and said we need something like this to be found and to be able to easily drive sales. It was so validating to hear from everyone and see them all using my app and super excited about it.

I also recently threw a beauty makeup event for FashionTap and Lilac PR and it was very exciting to see all the makeup artists reactions to my app and how it is such a needed tool for the makeup world. Makeup artists have 0 ways to monetize their makeup posts on instagram and they have 0 ways to be found by their location for work. I am solving some really big issues right now in fashion and I am very excited to be helping everyone out along the way. 

Me: If you could choose 5 of your absolute favorite outfits/blogs, which ones would they be?

Amy: This is a hard one for me because I have over 800 blog posts, ha ha. I would have to say my Miss Patina blogs, My Manoush blogs in Palm Springs, my Kling blogs also in Palm Springs, and my blog at the Observatory. I love when I can get out and shoot blogs in fun locations, this is always my favorite thing to do. 

Me: Do you have any major plans heading into the 2nd quarter of the year? 

 I have a ton of plans and news but most of it I cannot talk about just yet. I am getting into eyewear designing, which is my biggest dream. 

Me: How long have you had this burning passion for fashion? 

Since I was 14 years old, before 14 I was a tomboy skater chick who wore baggy pants and dyed her hair green and blue. My first boyfriend had a crush on Love Hewitt (actress) and so I thought I would mold myself into her to make him happy and I became obsessed with the fashion industry and being super girlie. 

Me: Are you currently working/partnering with any other brands at the moment that you can tell us about? 

 I am currently working with Valfre blogging, I am working with Kling and Miss Patina which are my two favorite brands ever. I am also working with See Eyewear on some fun projects.

Me: Where can everyone find you on the Internet and social media? 

 @afashionnerd on every platform.

Me: Anything else you would like to leave people with as a lasting impression/piece of advice? 

 Stay focused and find something you love and go for it 100%. You can make money doing what you love, my neighbor plays video games for a living and makes more money than anyone I know.