5 Things To Be Happy About

Growing up (unless you are a teenager... then you have a little bit more time to grow) most of us understood quite clearly in our teenage years that life would not be all rainbows and unicorns once we became adults.  I remember enjoying my younger childhood to the best of my ability. Watching cartoons right before school and directly after (of course after homework was complete) was a normality. In my teenage years, I began learning the value of a paycheck, paying bills, and transitioning into "the real world" and not the reality TV show I enjoyed on MTV. 

Being a 25 year old adult now, I have mixed feelings as to being happy every now and then. However, no one has the power to reverse time (if you do, send it to my e-mail kenon@kenonlamontthompson.com). I will continue to say this time and time again until it becomes "old" to me. I am now learning how to smell the roses for the first time in my life as I am working for myself. Here are 10 things that I think you all (even myself as I'm learning every day) that you should be happy about and appreciate every single day. 

1. Purchasing alcohol!
Now again this is for adults only (I do not condone under age drinking... don't do it young readers). I love whiskey the most (just in case you want to send me something as a gift) and growing up in the chef/restaurant world, we enjoyed alcohol a lot. Now this does not mean go out and abuse alcohol by any means necessary, enjoy your vodka or whiskey responsibly. Nothing is wrong with sitting back after a long day/night of work and cracking open a beer, wine, or pouring a shot/glass of (insert your drink of choice here). Trust me, there are times when it is simply needed to relax, be happy, and enjoy a tasty alcoholic beverage! 

2. Traveling as much as you can
I started traveling in middle school during band trips. As time progressed I began traveling even more in high school (more marching band trips... yes I am truly a band geek). Now when I am feeling like I am in a funk, I simply travel somewhere that I am familiar to. It is easy for me to relax, clear my mind, and also work without any wi-fi connection problems either. When I want to truly take a vacation (even though I still find myself working) I will look at my list of places I've never been, choose one, and order the tickets. 

3. Your dreams... all of them!
Remember when you were a kid and you were limited to doing things? Not anymore! You are a grown adult and the only person that is in the way of your dreams is you. I know this may seem easier said than done, but you ultimately choose your destiny. Being in control of your life 100% is the best feeling anyone can have ever experience. Independence is not just being an entrepreneur (although it is a plus)

4.  Stopping to smell the roses!
Working 40+ hours a day can be tiring and stressful (especially if you have a significant other and/or kids). As I am now learning to understand, we don't have to be "adults" and professional toned individuals 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Sit back and relax, watch cartoons, do things that you used to do when you were a kid that made you happy. (Forget what anyone else says either using the cliche "you're an adult you shouldn't be doing that" 

5. You are alive!
Seriously there are too many people comparing themselves to others to even relish in the moments that they are currently in! You are alive, you are reading this blog post (thank you for that) and you exist. Yes everyone has problems and things going on in their lives (some more than others). All because it may seem like someone is happy and you are not, don't be a debbie downer on them and on yourself. No matter how you feel, when you see others feeling/being happy, you should be happy for them. Soon enough, their happiness will rub off on you and now everyone is happy!