Keep The Celebrity Label... I Never Want It

Kids and grown adults are now growing up in today's society it takes no time to become a celebrity. With that kind of mindset, we have all seen individuals participate in the most ridiculous activities imaginable for the sole purpose of social media "fame" so to speak.  People are believing in the fairy tale dreams that a certain amount video views, Twitter retweets, Instagram hearts, and/or Facebook "likes," means that a pinnacle of "celebrity-esque" success has been reached. 

While I am no where near what could be considered a celebrity, I am grateful to be known in different parts of the world other than America for my photography and journalism. I have always looked at the whole celebrity label as an annoyance. There are those who let the social status get to their head and become arrogant. Almost as if they are truly better as human beings than others, when in fact, they are just better at the profession in which they work in. 

Watching what celebrities go through on a daily basis (through reputable news outlets) is a bit repulsive in my opinion. Their privacy is always being infringed upon by paparazzi photographers looking to get "the moment" that can make them money. Cell phone pictures that are completely private are being hacked and exploited to the entire world. Whether the hackers do it for fun or for some self-gaining satisfaction, I find it despicable that they would even intrude into someone's personal devices like that. Instead of being respectful to celebrities, they treat them with little to no decency at all.

Not to mention all of the rumors that blog sites and individuals tend to put out on a daily basis (especially if the rumor mill hates said celebrity) that are completely false.

I love being able to produce work from my passions of being a chef, journalist, and photographer on a daily basis. However, I never in my life want to be known as a celebrity if it ever gets to that point. I like my personal (and anyone around or associated with me) security to not be in jeopardy every single day.

Tommy Sotomayor is a radio talk show host I watch and listen to a lot. He has undergone so much scrutiny just because of his own opinions that it may be unbelievable to hear. People who dislike his videos and his opinions have discovered his family members home addresses and phone numbers. Then they sink even lower by exploiting the information publicly for those who have a similar distaste for him to have at their discretion. 


The simple things that I am able to do now such as walk into a Target store or simply down the street without being noticed is amazing! I do not want to be in a compromising position to where I absolutely must have to live in a state of seclusion (per se). No matter how glamours and amazing being a celebrity may look and seem to the general public, I never want to be part of it. 

However, I will absolutely love to continue on my path to having a great lifestyle that one day rewards me with simple luxuries. Things such as waking up one morning and buying a plane ticket to any part of the world (to visit friends or simply explore), and splurge on food adventures without having to worry about bills is what I thrive for. Those are the luxuries that celebrities do have that I am slightly envious of. Either way, I am closer to what I want without having the celebrity status and I would love to keep it that way.