Explore The Documentary: The Rich Kids of Instagram

I have said this since the beginning of time (well not really, but continue reading) that social media is the best and worse thing to ever happen in our modern society. On one hand we all think and dread of the horror stories we grew up hearing. You know, the creepy people on AOL messenger even though we (well at least most of us including myself) used fake pseudo names. Then on the opposite side of the spectrum (which is what I have experienced) meeting amazing people with mutual interests and some of them becoming my best friends now.

The Rich Kids of Instagram (Cutting the edge) documentary is a 47 ½ minute depiction of six individuals using the widely acclaimed photo-sharing based app displaying their every day life. Lana Scolaro, Sammy Dee, Nathaniel De Laurentis, Dimash Adilet, Evan Luthra, and Timothy Drake all briefly explain why they take photos of their lavish lives.

Personally, I do not see any of this as a problem at all. From the information that I have been able to gather, none of these individuals are drug dealers or doing illegal activities to amass their money and Instagram fame. While others who do not have the amount of money or capabilities see it as flashy, I see it as motivation. I don’t see myself ever posting a large amount of money on my Instagram at all. However, I do believe in enjoying the finer things in life if you have earned it.

For people to be haters and condescending trolls who think that what these people showcase on their Instagram accounts is wrong... who cares? Many individuals wish that they could live the lives of others! Instead of putting in the work to earn the money and lavish lifestyle, most individuals who disagree would rather criticize those on the opposite end of the money spectrum.

Overall, I think it was a pretty good documentary and display of what these individuals think of their Instagram personas and lifestyles. Hopefully one day I can enjoy private jets to avoid traffic in California some day. Until then, I will continue on with the grind of working hard every single day.