#WeekendCoffeeShare: We Have A Patreon Now!

Although I kind of (basically) made this announcement already, I'm deciding to make it official here. We have a Patreon now! For those who don't know what a Patreon is... listen up! 

Patreon is simply a way better version of GoFundMe, less populated with scams, and way more beneficial to the content creators who actually work hard. For those who are like me (especially the full-time writers/journalists/bloggers who watch YouTube/content creators while working 10+ hours a day at the computer) we have a place at Patreon as well. 

What makes Patreon special is that people can support you by the month (what I am doing) or per show (more fitting for YouTubers/Podcasters). At first I was really scared to do it because I know a lot of individuals who have abused the financial support people/fans give them. I don't want to be one of those content creators. I started the flagship businesses (journalism and photography) in 2010 with all of my own money. Now that I have expanded to Chef & Coffee, and Nerds Realm, I want to be able to provide even more content for all of you. 

If you would like to view more information and support my Patreon (which will be for all 3 websites) you can visit here. The more support that we get, the better the giveaways and support rewards can become!