#WeekendCoffeeShare: New Websites Are Going Live... Today!

If I could count how many hours of sleep I have had on my fingers for the past two weeks it wouldn't take more than one one rotation. However, all of it is worth it because I am happy with the reasons behind it.

My new websites are finally going live... both of them! 

Yep, Chef & Coffee, and Nerds Realm will be available for you all to view and add to your bookmarks folder soon. I am pretty happy with the fact that I have been able to do all of this work on my own (excluding the logos). These are both projects that I have wanted to see come into fruition for quite a while. Chef & Coffee in fact holds a very close piece of my heart. You can visit the website to read the introduction blog post as to what I mean by the latter statement.

Aagggghhhhh *insert internal screams of joy here!*

I know how much work this is going to take on my end, nonetheless, these are things that I love to do. I don't know exactly how many words I type on a daily basis. If I could take a quick guess at this very moment (including the articles/blog posts I will be writing for all 3 websites now and work for my clients) I'm going to say that I will be touching 50,000+ words per day. 

Of course things may take a little bit of time to adjust, but I'm pretty sure I have a firm grip on this whole writing for a living thing now. I will say this in advance, both websites/blogs have Instagram and Twitter accounts that will be ran by me and only me. I am not a fan of Facebook business pages at all, which is why I decided to omit them from being a social media option. 

For the little sleep I was able to get, all I could think about was these two projects. I am looking forward to this entire journey! This is going to be more than just me sitting behind the computer or on my iPad writing. I am going to travel all around the world, attend events, and cook/eat as much as possible!

Get ready to enjoy the ride everyone, I promise this is going to be fun!