The Big Surprise!

After a slight two week delay I am pretty excited to finally release this new news! Welcome to the little kingdom I am building… Nerds Realm! After months of behind the scenes work, research, and deliberation with the team (aka myself haha) I came to the conclusion that I want to create a community where nerds from all around the world can call home.

At first the idea was to center everything around gaming, but then I thought that was too vague. Nerds are more than just the socially awkward individuals who play video games. We prefer to watch anime over reality TV shows, we attend conventions and cosplay our favorite video game/anime/comic book characters, and of course many of us play video games all day and night instead of going to clubs for parties.

For the 9 months I have been working hard for myself full-time, I now have the time to “stop and smell the roses.” Instead of spending 10+ hours in restaurant kitchens only to come home too tired to do anything but sleep, I realized how behind I am. There are so many a shows that have been out for years and I am just now discovering like Fairy Tale, Code Geass, Death Parade, and more. I miss the feeling of being able to immerse myself in a video game like Zelda: Majora's Mask and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire on my Nintendo 3DS.

I miss being surrounded by like-minded nerds all day every day. I don't seem like the awkward one in my circle of friends who are more “adult like” who talk about the latest Scandal or MTV shows. The anime section of Hulu and Crunchy Roll have become my best friends over the past few months. To be honest, I don't even watch anything on cable TV unless it is on Hulu.

Anyways, enough about my short personal life update… back to Nerds Realm! The website will be going live either this week or next week. I will begin it by writing all of the articles and what not. Over time I will be bringing on writers and members to the team. As time progresses I would like to begin podcasts, streamers, and videos from conventions/nerd related events. I'll make another blog post update as time goes on. There will still be game related posts on this blog/website, they will just be distributed how I see fit.

I will say this as a sneak peak. A few weeks ago I was able to interview Johnny Smith, CEO of SVA Games via Skype, which will be one of the first interviews I release on the website. To stay updated of thing via social media you can visit (and follow) us on Twitter and Instagram.

So there goes the big announcement I have been waiting to share! For those who wonder why I haven't been releasing any blog posts here lately… there ya go! Once I re-configure my daily schedule now including this project, everything will return to normal with daily blog posts here!

Be hyped nerds and prepare for a lot of new nerdy content to come your way very soon!