I'm Hosting a Pokemon Gauntlet Tournament!

As much as I have played Pokémon over the years, let alone on my Alpha Sapphire copy (999:59 just so you know) there is a first for everything. I am pretty excited to announce that I am hosting my very first Pokémon tournament! Now all of the details you find over on the GamerHolics website here. I highly suggest that if you have a 3DS and a copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire that you enter!

Now it has been a little time since I have spent all day and night on Battle Spot, but I have been practicing the past few days. While this might seem like it should be an easy piece of cake as I am the host, however, that is not the case. Every week I can be on top (like I am now) or I can be knocked off of my throne and have to fight my way back to the top. 

While my opponents do not know this (yet), I have a pretty extensive and well-trained Pokémon on my side. For the past 1.5 years, I have trained, traded, groomed, and even won all of my Pokémon. I have become very familiar with all of them (literally) including movesets and how they all can compliment each other. 

For those who don’t know, I specialize in Fairy and Psychic types. While I may not be able to use either or both types every week, I know how to steamroll anyone in my path if I can have them leading my team. I would say that my weakest areas [types] of expertise are Rock, Ground, and Ice. I have been doing a lot of research by watching old battles from Shadypenguinn and King Nappy on YouTube. 

I have a few more days before the tournament actually begins, so I am positive that I will be ready. If you are not a member of the GamerHolics Facebook Group… get over there and join!