#WeekendCoffeeShare: Why Did I Take Last Week Off?

Last week I decided to take a mini vacation if you will. Although it may have seemed a bit random… that’s because it was (haha)! A few factors came into play about last week’s decision.

New business propositions came across my e-mail! After much consideration, negotiations, filling out paperwork (blah blah blah) I accepted the offers and re-arranged my schedule. A project idea that I have always had in the back of my mind is now coming into fruition! I could tell y’all about it now, but I want it to stay at CIA secret service level hidden. What I can tell you, is that the new project idea is going to come with a new website… soon! I will also be creating a Patreon that will apply to all of my websites/blogs for those that would like to support. Exclusive content and merchandise will definitely be given out for different, but I'll explain all those details a little bit later on.

In addition to all the business stuff, I also took a little bit of personal time to relax and calm down. Things started to seem a little off and instead of forcefully going at full speed like I normally do, I slowed down a few gears. The mini vacation was also an excuse to binge watch Twitch and find new streamers to watch. (I suggest y'all check out Rachel aka misskaddykins, she is amazing!) Late last year was the most I have ever felt sick in a while and I do not want to repeat that. (Nerds don’t get sick often is my motto!)  

In other (more fun and spontaneous news) I am in the process of archiving a few of my old blog posts! This was a weird dream that I had a few nights ago.

I was working in my dreams (and I mean really working on things that I would do when I’m awake) and thought that it would be cool to look for my old blog/website. Come to find out, I still remembered the password and thought that it would be cool to add those blog posts here! They will all be from 2013 and I should have them mass archived by tomorrow (Monday).

Now that my unannounced vacation is over, it is back to work for me! What have you all been up to since my vacation? Anything new happen in your life? Are you excited for the Spring season to arrive?