Thank You Almighty Instagram


For those who are not as excited as myself and other entrepreneurs, photographers, and small business owners... let us have our moment for now!

Instagram has finally released the new feature for all users to switch back and forth between multiple accounts! To those who can relate, keeping personal and business is what we do best in our lives (in person and on social media). It is a pain to switch back and forth between accounts on in Instagram, take a picture, and repeat on a daily basis. Especially for photographers when our entire lives are all about photos on our DSLR/film cameras or on our phones.

This could not have come at a more perfect time while I am on the road! Why you ask? Because now I have a brand new account specifically for my blogs. Follow my new Instagram (@kenon.lamont.thompson) as I will be releasing all of my blog posts from my main blog, the GamerHolics website, and from Examiner!

For those who already follow what will now strictly be my personal account (@kenonlamontthompson)  you will not see the same content from both accounts. The reason for breaking them up into two accounts (other than the obvious personal and business separate mantra) is organization and portfolio purposes.


As you can tell, this is really a brand new fresh out of the oven account! My feed will not be that empty for long, I definitely have a lot of new material to start filling up that blank space!