Catalogue of Food Blogs (Volume 1)

I didn't notice until earlier this morning that I released my Book Review yesterday when it was supposed to be today! Don't mind my little mistake here, adjusting to a new schedule and working on the road will come to me eventually haha!  

Also, I thought about something and "chapters" didn't seem right for the title, so I changed it to "volume" and we are starting at numerous uno! Also, I will have a nice banner for these themed type of blog posts within a week or two.

However, one thing I have learned during my first leg of working on the road is that reading at night might be the best route for me. During the 11-hour trip to Denver, I read a few posts from three different blogs that I follow on Bloglovin'. Needless to say, reading food blogs that late at night with amazing recipes might not be the best thing for my conscious or stomach!  


The Flourshing Foodie 

Heather is the proud parent of this amazing blog The Flourshing Foodie.  She started the blog back in 2010 and is a Canadian native who has found her new home in Seattle. Aside from the blog's name, Heather's whimsical, yet sophisticated photography style caught my eye immediately! So far my favorite blog post of hers is "Top 10 Favorite Recipes of 2015." Being able to see what she considered her best of last year only makes me want to start all the way from the beginning at 2010 and work my way back up (which I will do throughout my trip).




Cook Republic

As you can from the screenshot, Cook Republic is spearheaded by the multitalented Sneh. Before I begin to read any new blog, I always check out the about page. (It just comes out of habit.) Sneh planted this seed I'm 2003 as a personal recipe database. 13 years later and she is an award winning blogger! Her story is very unique and I highly suggest you read it over before checking out her recipes.

Without giving away too much information, she is the author of Tasty Express, which has around 100 original recipes from her. Most of her food can be depicted as inspiration rom her India childhood, and Australian experiences. So far my favorite recipe of Sneh's is the Pacific Oysters with Frozen Mango and Chili Dressing.

Typically I will have between 3-4 blogs to share with each volume, however, I am really into these two blogs in specific right now! This doesn't mean I won't have the same enthusiasm for other blogs and volumes (just to clarify for future reference). I just really want to start reading these way sooner than later!