Everyday Ways to Enjoy Success At Work (Review)


One thing that I love about business in general is that I learn so many lessons pertaining to my professional life that also transtions into my personal life. Every now and then it is always improtant to revisit some of the lessons I have learned in a book even though I have them memorized verbatim in my mind. 

Robb D. Thompson (coincdence that we have the same name) is the author of Everyday Ways to Enjoy Success At Work (2010). This is the first eBook review that I am doing ever, which is pretty amazing to me being a die hard physical copy type of person.

During my trip home to Denver I was able to read this 121 page book in about 2.5 hours. It is an easy read, however, it is equally important to make sure that you don't read too fast, otherwise you may miss the gems in between the lines.

Throughout the book, Robb mixes his tone perfectly between personal experiences, professional serious moments, and the sarcastic jokes. Every chapter begins with a quote correlating with the overall topic at hand from whom I would assume are some of Robb's inspirations. One of my favorite quotes stems from my favorite chapter... chapter 12.

“Most People Live And Die With Their Music Still Unplayed. They Never Dared To Try.” - Mary Kay Ash”

What I took from this particular quote is something that resonated with me when I was a kid. I watched as my peers and elders always talked about what their dreams were. They always blurted out loud how they were going to do something (which usually sounded amazing for their benefit). Nonetheless that's all their words stayed as... hopes and dreams.

Everyone has an idea of how they want their lives to play out to some degree. Whether it means working for their favorite company, or having a  big white picket fence house, to becoming the head in charge at their current jobs. Hopes and dreams never reach the light of day from someone's mind typically because they are scared to take a risk. Something about stepping out of their comfort zone (also another topic discussed in chapter 12).

When I was an employee, it are me to the core that I didn't feel like I was living up to my full capabilities. Not with my employer/boss business, but with myself personally,. There was another risk I needed to take in order to be fully happy with my life and careers. Without learning from them and picking their brains as much as possible, I wouldn't be where I'm at today... self-employed!

Overall if you are looking for a handbook (well eBook if you decide to take the route I did) to not only keep you on track to your goals, but to also be a close reference... this is a perfect choice for you. simply search for Robb Thompson on iTunes. If you want to visit his website to learn more about him and the other books in his collection, click here.