Efficiency + New Blog Schedule = Happiness!

The keyword this year for me is efficiency! I spent the greater 2nd half of last year figuring out multiple avenues in my life to be as efficient as humanly possible.

(Well... as efficient as my over-caffeinated inner conscious wants to conqueror, since it pushes me to be ambitious. Some may understand that this is beyond "humanly possible" yet we exist!)

So far this year I have been doing decent when it comes to blogging (excluding the fact that I was sick half of January). However, the few weeks that I was sick allowed me to read a lot and understand how to be a better blogger on a daily basis.

A few years ago I was introduced to Hootsuite. For those who do not know what Hootsuite is… it is a social media management application/website. Back then I was nowhere near as busy with my businesses as I am now. Naturally, I hated Hootsuite because it seemed repetitive to me using this application, when I could just go to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

My mind has completely changed now and I love Hootsuite! On a daily basis during my work schedule, my desktop computer is broken up into four different windows.

1. Working station (top left).
2. Working station 2 (bottom left).
3. Microsoft word document page(s) for writing (bottom right).
4. Entertainment station… you know, websites like Hulu and YouTube (top right).

On top of all that, to the left of me physically is my iPAD. My iPAD is the host of me looking at my Twitter stream (including the random arguments that come from political tweets/discussions/events, and other fun conversations), and video games such as Yu-Gi-Oh.

Here comes the bread & butter of this post. I have created, written, played around with, thrown away multiple versions, re-written, and smiled at a variety of schedules that I want for this blog.

Every day I want to provide at least 1 blog post per day, because I know that I have a lot to share. I don’t want this schedule to come off as theme days per se. This schedule is specifically to let you all know (and of course keep myself accountable) of producing specific material on a consistent basis.

So without any further details, here goes this elaborate blog schedule of mine that I will start on Saturday (February 6th, 2016).

(I’m starting with Sunday by the way for obvious reasons… yes, I do know tomorrow is Saturday haha!)

See y’all tomorrow! I’m not tired, but I have something pretty cool to get ready for that you will definitely find out over a cup of coffee!

  • Sunday’s – #WeekendCoffeeShare
  • Monday’s – Catalogue of Food Blogs (this is replacing “My Library of Food Blogs” and will start at Chapter 2.)
  • Tuesday’s – Book Review (I am finally getting into the realms of eBooks, so now that I am starting to travel more, I don’t have a bookbag full of hardcopy books anymore!)
  • Wednesday’s – Nerd Essentials (this is going to include everything from anime, events such as comic cons, and more.)
  • Thursday’s – Explore The Documentary
  • Friday’s – Book Review (yep, you’re getting 2 book reviews per week!) + Bloggers Around The World (this will be somewhat like Monday's, but instead of just food, it will have no category boundary!)
  • Saturday’s – #WeekendCoffeeShare

*Bonus! I have recently began reading the blog Oh Chel (aka Chel) who writes about a variety of topics. (I am not spoiling anything... go view her blog for yourself!) However, I will say that I have read some of her category titled "monthly goals" that include personal and blog goals... they are amazing! It is inspiring to see how she is being pretty open and I would like to do it myself. So next month and every month after, on the 1st of each month, I will release a list of my goals and cross them out as I achieve them. If I don't succeed, then I'll leave an explanation as to why I did not succeed and repeat the process.