#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Importance of Pokemon 20

If I could sit here and right about Pokémon every day and that’s it, I would be completely fine with it. While most people my age were probably at parties last night or the club I was at home, celebrating the greatest this year. Twitch hosted millions of Pokémon fans and trainers with Pokémon movies. This was even greater than my 26th birthday (which is in August, just so you know) and slightly better than the new Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon releases (which are unknown, but you can see what I think about them here). 

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary for Pokémon and that speaks volumes from where the anime and game initially came from. I remember growing up playing Pokémon on my old school grey Gameboy, green Gameboy Color, and all the way through to now on my 3DS. My 3DS is actually right next to me right now as I am writing this and I will be playing it in between articles/blog posts for the day. 

Watching the anime show every morning before going to school in elementary, middle, and even high school really made my morning. Although I was typically excited to go to school (as the nerd I was and still am) I would have rather watched Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock the entire day. 

Adults my age can remember vividly exactly our memories from the very beginning (even if we can’t remember what happened 13 days go exactly). We literally grew up exploring different regions and catching all 718 Pokémon up-to-date. 

Pokémon has taught an entire generation to never be afraid of standing up for what is right and cherishing your friends (including the Pokémon). Many of my elementary friendships were created from trading Pokémon cards, toys, and Burger King collectibles. 

(I probably shouldn’t even be saying this line… but my first childhood girlfriend came from a mutual liking of Pokémon. So there you go, a quick drive down my memory lane!) 

I still can not believe that it has been 20 years of existence with Pokémon! I consider myself pretty lucky to have been graced upon the Earth during the greatest era in history (the 90s) we will ever know of. Now get continue to celebrate for the rest of this year Pokémon trainers because I am celebrating this entire year!