#WeekendCoffeeShare: It Feels Good To Be Back

Here I am, back home in my office getting re-familiar with my amazing love... my desktop computer! I am feeling in awe as if this is not my computer at all (haha)! For those who don't know, I traveled only with my iPAD Mini as a test run, so I’m basically back from an 8-inch screen to a 21-inch screen (I think that's the size... I haven't had any coffee yet y'all).

Right now I am doing exactly what I said I would do, which is catch up on my GamerHolics family podcasts (which you can see the latest live podcast here), working, planning for future trips, and getting back to work. At the moment my hair is a complete mess and I need to cut it asap! I’m probably not going to unpack for another day or so and I’ll be in my office getting these precious typing fingers back into tip-top shape!

Right now there are a lot (and I truly mean a lot) of new things already in the works that I will be sharing with you all in bits and pieces. I have a few announcements to share (one new blog post about it is definitely coming shortly after this one today) and the other I may release on the GamerHolic website or on here within the next few days. Just know that both of those posts are Pokemon related!

I also need (well really just a want) get back into my coffee drinking routine. I really didn’t drink too much coffee during the Denver trip just because, but now that I am back in the office, it is work 24/7 with my best friend. (Yes I am seriously talking about coffee here!) 

Two days ago while reading Food52, I came across one of their new stories from Caroline Lange including Middle Eastern-Style Coffee. You have to see this to believe it because I tried mocking the taste in my mouth, but I’m just going to make it myself for the full experience!

That’s all I have for this little conversation we are having right now over coffee. Do you have a new #WeekendCoffeeShare blog post to share today (whether you are a reader or blogger)? Let me know by leaving a link so I can read them as well! 

Finish your Brunch (or whatever meal you are enjoying at this moment) and we will be back in a little bit with Pokemon news!