It Is Time For A New Pokémon Adventure

By now every Pokémon trainer in the entire world knows of the official news, which we have set money aside for. Nintendo has announced the newest additions to the Pokémon series Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon to be released later on this year. By now Nintendo has a pretty good track history of releasing these games of this series during the 4th quarter (October-December).

For now, all we have to go off of is the video that you can view below.

I can tell you now that I have already put the typical $45 to the side to purchase at least one of the versions. By nature, we are all anticipating what region we will be exploring, which Gamestop are we going to on midnight, and most importantly, which version are we going to buy. (Except for those who buy both versions on debut night/morning.)

If we use our brilliant logic, the theme typically dictates the legendary types and the villains. My favorite types of Pokémon are Fairies, Dragons (ironically enough), and Psychic. Now we haven’t seen any hints of new legendries specifically yet, but by assumptions, we are getting a Fire and Dark legendary.

Drum roll and trumpets please… 

If my assumptions are correct, I am definitely going with the Dark legendary and getting Pokémon Moon! I love Fire type Pokémon such as Delphox, Charizard, and Flareon, however, I just have not had the best of luck building more than 3 teams with Fire type Pokémon. In addition to that, the darker side always seem more intriguing to me (which is why I purchased Blue, Black I & II, Y, and Alpha Sapphire). Depending upon the exclusives, I would really love to purchase both versions this year.

So, now that we all know of the hype that is upon us, which version are you planning on getting right now?

Oh by the way… I definitely want to do a Let’s Play for this, so I am on path to getting a capture card before then and planning this all out accordingly!