Jumping Back Into Limbo


For the past two weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Denver. It felt oh so good to be around good friends and strangers that seemed like friends of over 10 years. For the most part of living in Chicago I felt alone with the exception of co-workers at the restaurants I worked at. I didn't have much time to even go out and socialize as often as I would have liked because I was working so much just to pay the bills. However, if there is one major thing/lesson above all that I can take from this trip... never leave home again!

As a great friend of mine Katelyn (also from Colorado, but currently in Antarctica) let me know of sarcastically... it's time to get back into the limbo! (Inside joke haha!) For some odd reason (that I really contribute to working in the kitchen as a Chef) I love being put under pressure and experiencing chaos. I don't mean the reality TV show (i.e. Love & Hip-Hop or any VH1 show) type of pressure and chaos, but more of the Road Rules and The Real World (MTV shows for those who don't know) type of lifestyle.

For a while now you all can tell that traveling has become the biggest aspiration in my life. Being able to meet new people/friends from all around the world and immerse in new cultures is the journey I want to take from now on. I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss the restaurant lifestyle that I have become so accustomed to. Working 12-15 hour days to create amazing food for patrons, in addition to the comrodiary that only comes from Chefs and Line Cooks is quite the experience. I don't regret one second of that lifestyle, however, it is time for me to take on a new adventure.

Moving back to Denver is not just another location change for me, it is a conscious epiphany that I guess I kind of seen, but Katelyn obviously did. Living in Chicago was amazing, but now that I'm getting up in the serious age bracket of settling down, thinking about a family, blah blah blah, I was told to go where my heart says to. (Thanks a lot Katelyn for basically foreseeing the future!)

During this trip I have realized that I need to change up a few things in my game plan in order to make this adventure as smooth as possible.

1. Get a mobile hotspot!

The reason why I didn't blog for a few days was because on my second (extended) leg of being in Denver, my other close friend Kristen was having problems with her wi-fi. I didn't plan on that happening at all and because I haven't used it before on my phone, I didn't know I had to pay for a separate plan to even use the feature on my phone! So once I get back home, I will be researching and investing in a durable mobile hotspot that I can take with me when I am traveling.

2. Fly inside America, don't use Greyhound anymore!

I am not new to traveling on coach buses such as Megabus and Greyhound, however, I don't think that I will be using it as my main option of transportation anymore. The prices are fine and what not, but there was no wi-fi on the bus at all! Also the 2nd bus driver we had on the way here was beyond rude to even think that this might just be a one time occurrence. I guess it will be better to save myself some time and wi-fi heartache and spend a little bit more money on air flights using Southwest again (domestically).

3. Definitely plan well in advance for couchsurfing options!

Technically I didn't use the couchsurfing app/website this time around and I planned on doing so for the extension part, but I'm pretty sure I was beyond my time limit. Although this was a test trip of half "adjusting to working on the road" and apartment searching, I was really thinking about extending the trip even longer. I stayed with friends for the most part and no matter how great of friends we are, overstaying is something I am not fond of (especially when they have a family member living with them). I think what I am going to do in this situation is for the first half of any trip stay with friends (if applicable) and couchsurf for the second half.

That's all I have for you right now ladies and gents! At least for this blog post because as you know I am definitely behind in maintaining that little schedule thing I have going on.

(I promise y'all once I get back home and get settled in, the schedule will be exactly the way that it is stated... every day y'all are getting a blog post or two from me. Maybe even three!)