#WeekendCoffeeShare: Life on the Road So Far (Part 2)


So far I can say that this is the best way for me to be bringing in the Spring season right now. I am in a place that I love and the weather is amazing! Although everything has not been perfect, that is the entire purpose of this trip... to learn and adapt to working on the road. 

(PS... I am writing and posting this from my phone so any mistakes I will of course address soon. You'll understand what's going on as you continue to read. Thank you Squarespace for having a blog app!)

To start off with the one negative and get it out of the way... I definitely need to buy a traveling hotspot router. There are times (like this week) to where I have ran into bad wi-fi connections or none at all and it kind of put my writing and working on at a standstill. I didn't assume that this would be an issue and for some weird reason I can't turn my phone into a hotspot. There was also no wi-fi on the Greyhound buses at all, so I just used those times to read books for future book reviews.


Other than that one negative, which I will definitely address soon everything else has been great! I have spent time with close friends and enjoyed shooting pool at a bar with locals whom I will most likely see again once I move out here.

I have also learned the ins and outs to how I will be working with just my iPAD mini in the case that I want to minimize my luggage as much as possible. I have a Logictech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard k480 and it is amazing! Small enough to travel with anywhere, yet large enough to seem like a normal keyboard at my desktop computer in the office.

I'm starting to see this new journey as the beginning of something great! Once I can adjust myself perfectly nothing will be able to hold me back from traveling around the world while working. This has been a dream of mine to do and I knew it wouldn't be all rainbows & unicorns.

Nonetheless, nothing worth having is easy right? Soon I will become perfect with my blogging schedule and everything will run smoothly.

For now I just have to keep that in mind even though my inner conscious is a heavy critic that will never go away.