#WeekendCoffeeShare: Thoughts On Having Kids


Now that I am getting up in age (which is crazy to even think about) the question of starting a family and what not looms over my head. Of course my parents would like to have grandchildren (but that's why they have my older brothers for)! In all seriousness though, I guess it is about that time that I start taking these thoughts.
I guess I would say in high school (when I definitely shouldn't have even cared about it) I started thinking about a life with kids. While some of my peers was becoming parents in high school (before graduating) those examples definitely made my thoughts clear at that point. 
However, I am a real grown adult now and I realize that I do want kids. I have always loved kids since I was a teenager. Whether it was playing with little cousins during family parties or at church, the thought of having a replica like me on this planet became fascinating. I see some of my close friends with kids today and even though they seem tired most of the time we talk, it is clear that they are happy with life. 

If I could have my perfect scenario, I would have 2 boys and 1 daughter (that is my limit haha). I'm pretty sure that as any man could imagine, the thoughts of having a daughters in this day and age will immediately make you get a gun instantly! Another part of me would want to wait until my 30s to start having children. Before I make that commitment, I want to make sure me and their mother are completely ready as much as possible. By ready, I mean we have traveled around the world a little bit, had a special day or time or whatever to just talk to each other at "our" cafe. 

I'm excited at the thought of being a father and husband someday. I do think about it more than most of my peers would guess if given the chance. However, I still have a little bit more for life to teach me before making that big jump in my life. 

Kenon Lamont ThompsonComment