Street Photography: Rafael Perini (Review)


This review is going to be a little different from the rest. What initially made me fall in love with photography is being able to document any moment whether it was special, candid, or planned. I loved being able to take one photo with a Polaroid or a disposable camera and waiting for the film to develop. Once I received those pictures back, I looked at them and remembers so many stories individually.

Another fact that helped me fall in love was being able to read/view books from photographers from all around the world. Looking at photos whether they have text story or none at all, I always take a long mental photo, close my eyes, and feel as if I am in the picture.

Street Photography by Rafael Perini is a collection of the Canadian's best photos (in my opinion) from different locations. Most notably one of the places I have not visited yet is the very first chapter... Canada! What makes this one of my favorite eBooks is the fact that every photo is in black & white. To me personally, black & white photos instantly evokes the story to jump out better than normal photos. 
Due to Rafael's copyright stipulations, I am unable to share any of his photos here. However, this means that you really have to see them for yourself now to understand where I am coming from.

There are some photographers who just have an intuitive way of capturing moments effortlessly as if they were styled... that's what I see in Rafael's photos. Whether it is the kid riding on the bike in a frontal basket, the group of women enjoying a good laugh over the computer, or Elvis in Vegas doing his traditional act, you can tell that they were in the moment and not posed.
There are times that I think black & white photos are under-appreciated in today's era because of the modern mentality. Sometimes a story from a photo should be told with attention to the details and how it makes you feel. In color, one can get lost in the bold, bright, vibrant, and/or dark shade colors. With no color, you have to really pay attention to the small intracaies to comprehend what is going on in the photo. Nonetheless, for those who enjoy how things used to be done back in the day, this will be a great pleasure to you. 

To view more of Rafael's work, feel free to visit his website here. There you can also purchase his book or simply search on iTunes if you can't wait a second longer.