Choose a Crate... or Both!

After a while of contemplating, I've realized that an old problem started creeping up on me just a little bit. I began over thinking things when I didn't really have to. So now we have an official photo just for Nerd Essentials ever Wednesday!
Today I am going to point out something that I have been loving from a far, which are the crates! Both Loot Crate and Japan Crate are monthly subscriptions geared towards nerd essentials and typically have themes every single month. While they both have their audience of nerds, who says you can't have both if you can afford it? While I am going through a transition of moving, I will have to wait a little bit until I am re-established before I start my subscriptions for both. 


Loot Crate is more material based with their items. The box itself (sometimes) can be broken down into a playable game for anyone to play. Each Looter also receives exclusive products, toys, and appearal all geek related in some way form or fashion. Every crate is typically valued at $45 (retail price). While each crate has a theme that changes every month, Looters have the option(s) to choose exactly what type of crate they will get. The following list includes each crate available at the moment. 

  • Loot Crate (the basic/standard/original) 
  • Firefly
  • Pets
  • Gaming
  • Anime
  • Level Up
  • Star Wars
  • Call of Duty
  • GIfts

As you can tell from the list above (which they all also have their exclusive options) there is a reason why nerds are investing between $25 a month or $275 per year (depending on the plan chosen). 


Japan Crate is slightly different than Loot Crate in its own right. For those who are interested in trying candy from Japan, look no further! Every month, these crates are put together encompassing delacices that you will get no where else. I personally have had Japanese candy once in my life and that's because a friend let me try some. As a gamer, I am overly eager to start my subscription with Japan Crate because I need some new snacks to enjoy other than my normal Gummy Bears, Reesee's Cups, and Skittles. 
On top of exclusive nerd items (that are typically written in Japanese obviously) and the candy, one lucky winner every month is surprised with a Sugoi Crate. A Sugoi Crate has larger items including brand new game consoles, gaming collectibles, and even more candy!  

Now that you see what options you have available, the decision should definitely be easy for you. Choose them both! Definitely take a good look at their websites as they have past crates that may entice you to begin your subscriptions sooner than later. Also feel free to check out YouTube as many content creators post unboxing videos of both crates on a monthly basis.