UK Southampton Game Fest 2016

Here we go with yet another gaming event that sounds super awesome that I can’t attend. (However, if you are in the UK area and can go, then you should definitely go and let me know how it goes!)

The Southampton Game Fest is back again for its second year as the event is picking up a lot of attention from its inaugural year. Just to give you a brief background of the history here you go.

In 2015, the Hampshire Gaming Hub (organizers of the fest) did something that not many people would probably agree with. The team decided to host the event using only six weeks of planning. Now that does not sound like an ample amount of time to setup a gaming fest, but that does not mean it is impossible.

To much success, there were 16 exhibitors present and over 300 people who attended the fest. In addition to achieving the latter benchmark with ease, the Southhampton Game Fest team also donated 75% of their profits to a charity called Special Effect.

Of course every year events of this magnitude look to become bigger and better with trial and error. So this year theSpecial Effect organization will be receiving a portion of the donations again, and the Southampton Hospital Children’s ward will also be on the list of receiving a donation as well.

I honestly think that it is amazing how much gaming can help people in more ways than one! While we all enjoy playing video games and enjoying worlds away from the real world, it’s always great to remember how much both worlds are similar to each other. Whether competitively or just for fun, we are a community at the end of the day.

This year the venue fQ2 Guildhall Southampton will host up to 1700 attendees plus 100 exhibitors (an increase by 5 times from last year). If you would like to grab your tickets before it is too late, click here!

Also, remember what we discussed earlier. If you go, let me know all about it! If by some miracle I can attend myself, then I will see you there on May 22nd.