Catalogue of Food Blogs (Volume 2)


After looking into a few options for banners and what not, I didn't like the options that I seen. So, I went through my old photos and found this precious gem of Rosemary. I really like it and this will be my official photo for Catalogue of Food Blogs posts! 

Anyways, now that we got that small piece of business out the way, on to the new blogs for this week that I am pretty excited to share! 


The Roaming Kitchen

The Roaming Kitchen was created in 2011 by Cristina Sciarra. What drew me to TRK (Cristina uses this acronym, so it's cool if I use it too) is that her blog and life are ver fitting for her life. During and after her college years, Cristina moved around a lot. From Washington, DC, to MadridParis, Madrid, Hoboken, Jersey City, and Brooklyn. I am highly jealous just by reading her experiences, but one da I plan on doing the same.

Most of Cristina's travels included studies of food including Le Cordon Bleu (in Paris). Her cooking style is geared towards seasonal recipes, and there are an array of options for everyone to enjoy. TRK is filled with recipes for picnics, cocktail/dinner parties, quick and simple options, gluten/dairy free, vegan, vegetarians, desserts, soups, and more.

Reading TRK at night will make you run to the kitchen and cook whatever you can with the ingredients in your pantry/coolers. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't read TRK at night, just make sure that you have either ingredients ready to be used or a grocery store is open.

For those who do not know, I am a huge Pasta fanatic! There are so many variations to create that I can never see myself get tired. One of the most tried and true creations that Cristina made her own is Orecchiette with Peas, Ham, Herbs + Garlic Breadcrumbs. If you want to find a great starting point in the blog (if you are not like me and start from the beginning) I highly suggest you start with that post.


White On Rice Couple

If there is an perfect scenario in which food bloggers and readers can instantly fall in love with... Here is your couple. The coulee has an introduction video that I think is way better than an intro that I can do for them. 

Tood, Diane, & Sierra are a unique team that I immediately admired at first sight. Just by looking at the front page, I knew this was a blog I needed to put on my reading list. 

What makes this couple unique is how much they have to offer to the community of food bloggers and readers. On top of the aesthetically appetizing recipes and photos, they also offer workshops (which I will definitely keep on my radar for the future). The duo also offer food props, stock images, and soon handmade collections.

(As I am close to releasing Chef & Coffee, this is what I am envisioning on doing. Fostering a community of foodies, readers, chefs, and homecooks.)

I wouldn't label this blog under one category as they are the quint-essential epitome of what it means to love food and how much joy it can bring to our lives. Initially, I was just going to close my eyes and pick a recipe/blog post (that's how much of a diverse option readers have) and then I seen somethin that won my heart. Pulled Pork Poutine Inspired by Fairmount Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City is something you all have to see for yourself.

*After writing this blog post, I realized that instead of packing too much into one volume like I initially wanted (with 3-4 blogs per volume) I am going to keep it at 2 blogs. I think it is better this way to put more attention into each blog on a weekly basis and also give you all time to read them on your own without feeling overwhelmed.