And The New Mythical Pokémon Is...

Just to pre-warn you all now, I am pretty much the biggest Pokemon fan in the world! (Don’t worry, this is a self-proclamation as someone may just be more of a fan than me… show yourself if you exist haha!)

For a little while Pokémon news has been pretty quiet for the most part. Excluding the 20th anniversary, new series of Pikachu being the private detective, and bits of Pokemon GO, most trainers and fans have been speculating over what we can expect next as an official announcement.

Well, today is that da for great news! A new mythical Pokemon has been discovered in the world. Magearna who is an artificial Pokemon is slated to make its appearance in the upcoming full length movie later on this year.

The history that we know so far about this new Pokemon is that it was created 500 years ago by humans (like me and you… kind of). There is a minister who will try and use Magearna’s power to take over the mechanical kingdom. Ash will be accompanied with Volcanion to accomplish this mission before it is too late.

Movie wise, I am alread loving the snippet of the story plot. However, all Pokemon trainers know that if a new Pokemon is introduced in a movie, then it will also be appearing in-game at some point

Seeing that Magearna is an artificial Pokemon, it is not easy to depict what type(s) it is. Judging off of its looks (and the mechanical kingdom location mentioned earlier) I would assume that it is at least a steel-type Pokemon. My final definitive answer will be Fairy/Steel are the two types Magearna will be.

However, one could also speculate that since it is made by humans that it could have special plates such as Arceus does and can adapt to any type accordingly (which I would love for competitive battles). Or there could be the likelihood of it having the ability Protean like Greninja (which would make it the 2nd Pokemon to have such ability).

For now the Pokemon Company has done its normal routine of giving us just enough to speculate and anticipate. I am biased here, so of course I love the new addition to our Pokemon world. Nonetheless, let us know what you think about Magearna and if you will be ready to use it on your competitive team(s) once it is available in the video games.