#WeekendCoffeeShare: How Isolation Helped Me Discover Myself


If there are things even considerable on the same level of love as i cherish with coffee, then you know they mean something. Despite being someone who was a pretty decent sociable person throughout my entire school career, I loved peace and quiet with all my heart. 

Maybe this is just me, but no matter how much I went out to school dances or house parties (in high school and college) towards the end of the night I would say 70% of the time I was happier leaving than entering. 

Being the outgoing Kenon became such a stress (on top of working) that I enjoyed the small moments of solitude. I'm easily entertained by anything so even if I was in a room with no TV on or laptop/computer, I some how find a way to laugh at something. As I am typing this out I'm amused now because it sounds crazy in my head, but I know it's not... right?

Some might think that I am saying this because as a nerd who was always surrounded by jocks, the reason I liked to leave parties is a cover up for not being able to hook-up with any of the ladies. 

(That would be a false statement so just in case it is lingering in the back of your mind, there's your answer.) 

Once I learned that I could master the art of being in a place of solitude mentally and physically, it would have to be a pretty major or unique event to get me out of the house on a weekend.

Insatead of going to the club every weekend spending 300% markup prices on drinks that I could get at the liquor store for cheaper sounded more fun to me. Watching every documentary, cooking show, and even random shows on Hulu sounded way better than going to a strip club. 

Sometimes people on the outside think it's weird that someone would rather be a very strong introvert instead of a mix with extrovert moments. I guess it could be blamed on all the years I have worked my body to the last percentage of energy that a bed sounds way more comfortable (some times) than being packed in like sardines with people whom I don't even know. 

There was a time period when very close friends and family would say the old "I know you better than you know yourself" line only to here me reply with... 

"Well if you know me better than I know myself, then why do you think I prefer to be a nerd when I could be a "big man on campus" type of guy?" 

Once I didn't receive an answer to that question, we knew for a fact who knew me better. To me, being isolated from the world as much as humanly possible really has given me moments of astonishment. I would actually question mistakes or judgements that weren't too great and come up with answers as if I was two different people. I've never played around with saying I have a split personality (because that is a serious mind state people seriously go through) I've always said from the moment I knew that I could give myself better advice on my life than anyone else I know. 

Every time I isolate myself physically and mentally I do it without hesitation or acknowledgement to anyone. I set that time up to spend quality moments with myself and being disturbed is prohibited. Yet for some reason there are those people/peers/family/friends who think you just have to talk to them without question. Or you have to tell them what is on your mind (even if you asked them 2 days later and they forgot all of the details. 

So for those who are like me, a mixture between being the life of the party and a burrito wrapped in your covers on your bed or couch, you are not alone! We are the cool people, because we are multidimensional and can flip the switch of who we want to be at any moment!