Growing Up As A Nerd


Back in the day when I was growing up and wearing leopard printed glasses during the 3rd grade, being a nerd meant that I was a part of the minority wihtin school cliques. (However, I was pretty good in kickball so I was kind of a rare "cool nerd.") My main thing to collect was Pokemon cards and toys. At this point I play Pokemon competitively on my Nintendo 3DS and the trading card game on my iPAD.

As geeks and nerds, we typically horde things that are important in our little world. Toys, clothes, necklaces, wallets/purses, anything related to what we love we either have it or we are planning on getting it. I would rather find a way to fit all of my gaming, comic book, and anme into a tight space before getting rid of them. Heck, if I needed to buy a bigger apartment/home just for storage, than so be it.

One thing I'm not too fond of how people are trying to immitate what they once called lame. It's quite funny to see that people will put on bi-focal sized non-prescription glasses, a bookbag and call themselves nerds and geeks.

As an adult I find it to be pretty awesome that bonafide nerds and geeks are still able to express ourselves at our age. There is no age limit to when one has to stop watching cartoons, anime, and video games. I don't think that I will ever get tired of the latter entertainment avenues.

Call me or any other nerds/geeks what you want, but don't  forget to call us happy individuals who are not trying to put up a facade for society to accept us as cool.

Kenon Lamont ThompsonComment