Explore The Documentary: Gordon Ramsay (Boiling Point/Beyond Boiling Point)


As a kid in high school right before I made the final decision to attend college for Culinary Arts I did my research. Food Network was really the very basics of what being a Chef was going to be and how it is working on the line. Of course the greats such as Emeril Lagassee, Mario Batali, Morimoto, Rachel Ray (although she is not a thoroughbred Chef, she can definitely cool), and Anthony Bourdain are who I was exposed to first. After more researching and delving into the history of Chefs all around the world, there was one that stood out to me. I also have no problem saying that I actually looked up to him as well and have always wished to eat at one of his restaurants and meet him in person.

Boiling Point (1998) and Beyond Boiling Point (2000) is a 11-part documentary series that depicts Chef Ramsay's daily life routine. From the first night in his own restaurant, to being in the kitchen working on the line overseeing his cooks, his wife having kids despite his absence because of working, media frenzy, cameos from the great Marco Pierre White, and more. 

What made this documentary a work of art that I will never forget is how it made me raise my own level of standards. For those who don't know, Chef Ramsay's quest to getting his 3rd Michelin Star can only be defined as pure determination and will. Only the best and very few have received the elusive accolade and I put myself on those on standards towards everything in my life.

To those who only know Chef Ramsay by TV shows such as Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nighmares, and Masterchef, this will show you the personality you have to see to understand. There was a time frame in which I watched every episode every night before going to sleep. Although I have not been able to watch it as often as I used to, I know every word verbatim (if that tells you how much I have watched it).

Because of Chef Ramsay and this documentary I went into the restaurant industry knowing that it would not be a piece of cake. I learned humility, I knew that when I messed up I would get yelled at, and unlike other industries our culture is to say yes Chef, no Chef, I will fix it now Chef, and give Chef the appropriate time for sending food to the pass. Whether you are a Chef, foodie, amateur cook, general fan of Chef Ramsay, or a documentary nerd like myself, I highly suggest that you watch each episode from beginning to end in one sitting.

Yes, every episode will be in this blog post for your convenience... enjoy!

Boiling Point


Beyond Boiling Point