Predictions of the Iowa Caucus

On the Democratic side... Clinton beats Bernie and O'Malley drops out of the race Tuesday morning. 

Now that we got the easiest part out of the way, lets delve into the slightly more complicated GOP side of the Iowa Caucus. Although Trump's recent decision to not participate in the latest debate due to feeling mistreated (by Megan Kelly, not the Iowa citizens) he still has a comfortable led amongst his peers. Even though most liberals hate his guts and wishes he would jump off of a cliff or something, it would be in their best interest to stop feeding fuel to the flame. Why keep mentioning the person you don't want to get any attention?

*Cough* Idiots *Cough* 

I see a two different scenarios playing out on Monday and Tuesday. 

1) Donald Trump makes a clean sweep in Iowa, which will boost his ego and ground to prove his non-supporters wrong. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will have a very close fight for 2nd place. Rand Paul edges out in 4th place with a sneaky comeback and Ben Carson rounds out the top 5. Everyone below that will drop out of the race within the next two weeks.

2) Cruz takes a surprise win slightly edging out Trump due to some Iowans feeling as if Trump's latest cry doesn't deserve their vote. All of the previous standings will adjust accordingly with the top 5, and the bottom tier extends their campaigns for at least three weeks before they all drop out.

Hate him or not, while Trump clearly does not have the resume that screams President of the United States (let alone any major government position) his fight against this PC (politically correct) mindset we are in is outlandish and ridiculous. There are some Americans who feel that Obama and his administration has neglected some of the needs of our country by snooping into other countries business. That's a legitimate argument to have. Especially to family members of veterans (or veterans themselves) seeing that their aid virtually is non-existent, yet we were able to fly, rescue, shelter, and feed refugees (respectfully in my opinion) at the drop of a dime.

 While those who know that the canadiate they support has no clear shot of taking home the top spot in Iowa, this is going to make a bigger impact than some may be willing to accept. When Hillary wins (which there is no doubt in that) where will O'Malley supporters sway to? If/when Trump notches out as the GOP victor, what kind of message is that going to send out to his counterparts and the country?

In my honest opinion, the final two will end up being Hillary vs Trump. When that is the case, no matter how much illogical reasoning Hillary naysayers have about her, it will be crystal clear (as it should have been since the beginning) that Hillary is by far the most qualified canadiate for the position. Remember, this is the next president of the United States we are talking about here. Not the next high school Prom King/Queen where we decide on who was the most popular at that time based off of a false persona, only to watch them become a complete mess afterwards when merit wasn't taken into consideration at all... like it should be.