Fighting the Facebook Page Dilemma... Again!


Now I know this might sound like a broken record to anyone, but it’s more of a personal dilemma to myself than anything. For those who use Facebook pages for their business or professional reasons to not mix it up with the personal page, you understand my dilemma here… right?

For a few years, I have had an on and off relationship with my Facebook public page for a few reasons.

1) I was unable to put full-time hours into my work on a consistent basis. That meant I wasn’t able to focus on having a consistent amount of blog posts/material available. At the time I didn’t feel as confident as I am now (even though I did talk some what of a big game in past attempts).

2) Even though Facebook makes it hard as crap for viewers to actually see business/public figure pages (unless we pay for it… which I’m not doing) I would rather post my links there than on my personal page.

3) I’m actually just tired of posting on Facebook what I can post on my blog (the major factor in all of this).

4) Outside of keeping in touch with all of my friends from around the world, I typically only use Facebook for business purposes. Therefore, to minimize all the messages I have to go through between my e-mail inboxes, personal inbox, and public page inbox, I’ll just cut out the middleman. (If you can catch what I just did there, you win my gratitude forever and some internet cookies!)

So without further or due (for I think the 5th time now… I really haven’t kept count here), if you would like to keep up with me on Facebook, you can do so by hitting the “like” button here!

P.S. things are more random on my Twitter right here if you prefer to see/read the not-so-professional-but-still-nerdy-me on a daily basis!